Welcome to my new blog site!

On this site, you’ll delve deep into my mind and behaviour – essentially how I tick and work.

I’ve grew frustrated with living with ‘potential’, holding back and afraid of breaking my ‘social shackles’ and committing to a new project. Well now that I have committed to this journey I want you to come with me.

You’ll see what I have to deal with, the ups and downs, people who I meet and network with and business deals achieved. All of this as we progress to the completion of my first ever MINDSET & EMPOWERMENT training program. I won’t reveal what its called yet but I want to show you how its done. WHY? Cause I’ve been influenced to believe that stuff does happen if we put our mind to it.

I don’t own a Ferrari or a Rolls. I don’t own a private jet, nor do I own 100+ properties.

But I will. Join me on my journey, we’ll help each other.


Watch me.



Got a question or do you want to join me?