How I watch movies


Look, I’m not a major tv buff – I hate watching the news because all of the negativity and then the media spin. Besides watching ‘Scooby Doo’, ‘The Wiggles’ and ‘Disney Pixar’ movies with the wife and daughter I on the rare occasion really enjoy a good movie.

I might watch a movie for the sake of the name, the stars and the buzz behind it but whether boring or not, I’m able to refocus my attention on the message of the movie or sympathise and empathise with the characters of the movie.


I recently finished watching movies such as ‘Ip Man 3’ (yes, very asian), ‘Hotel Transylvania’, ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’, ‘Jerry Maguire’, ‘Bee Movie’, ‘Finding Dory’ and the awesome ‘Interstellar’! From these movies I was able to imagine myself in the antagonist’s shoes and really connect with their character personality, thereby entering myself into the movie. Lessons such as family appreciation, not neglecting my wife, teamwork, startup stress, failures and the ‘time-space continuum’ just to name a few! I’ve gone to bed with the thoughts of these lessons and the characters who had to go through them to help me supercharge my drive, focus and work ethic. Movies definitely help me through a tough stressful time.


I’m a big reader of books, often devouring a good sized book within a few days to a week and in the books whatever genre they are, I use the power of visualisation to picture the situation or scene to help make it more real to me. This goes for any goals I have. I can easily visualise myself in the future with an achieved goal to help me GRIND, HUSTLE & FIGHT for its actual fulfillment. Visualisation is so important.


Next time you watch a movie, visualise yourself there in the scene and take whatever lesson or meaning from the movie and apply that to your own life. I hope this makes your movie experience so much more incredible.

If your day seems tough, visualise what would make you be fantastic and use that to drive you to improve yourself day by day. That can only be achieved with a plan.

Sorry folks. Dreamers stay asleep while doers get to work on their dreams!

Dominate Life


Have you bulletproofed your lifestyle?!

*GROAN*…*COUGH COUGH*….PHLEGM EVERYWHERE, KLEENEX TISSUES, RAGING MIGRANE – boy oh boy, I don’t feel well. I’ve got a bad case of Man-Flu.

As a result, my usual 19 hour days involving multiple business content creation, all day appointments, exercise and time with the family were all cut short. I wasn’t in hospital nor was y’know….. I was ill but this flu took a detrimental effect to my lifestyle. It hit me hard. I felt so wussy and helpless. Thank heavens the wife gave me some attention and did her good work. What was worse was I did not want to come near my daughter as I didn’t want her to catch my flu.

Have you ever thought about this? Rather have you anticipated this? When you’re ill or when something in life dramatically interferes with your equilibrium it disrupts that harmony of a routine. Have you made measures to protect your lifestyle?

If you’re an employee and you take a week off to recover from your illness etc.. is there a system in place so that your colleagues can cover you for that backed up workload? Or if you’re a contractor, say an electrician who is only paid for his/her time. If you are sick or incapacitated, how will your income come in to take care of your family, your business and expenses?

I’m proud to say that at my age I’ve been able to diversify and spread my sources of income flow so that if anything would happen to me, then at least there would be another stream of cash flow that is there to take care of my family.


Folks, this is reality. You have to ANTICIPATE these things. Safeguard your well-being and your entire lifestyle by getting health checks, eat well, stay fit, having the appropriate insurance policies in (remember to read the fine print – they’re very tricky buggers), sick leave and adding more income flows.

Look after yourself.

I’m gonna get bigger faster stronger after I get out of bed…hey wait…let me blow my nose.


Dominate Life





Change starts Today.

This week has certainly been a whirlwind! Looking back at last week I was in a state of not content with everything I had done so far in my life. This feeling was amplified when I experienced a very stressful weekend which believe it or not lead me to have a clear mind. I had clarity. I knew what I wanted to do and I had to go get it done.

When you are in a negative state of mind, such as being confused, upset, flat or sad, you must listen to your mind and body are telling you. They are simply saying you must change this feeling, understand the cause and to resolve it. But rather we choose to fuel this negative mindset with junk food, gambling and alcohol abuse which will cause a major negative impact on your health (physical, social and mental).


I remember Mr Tony Robbins, the motivational guru said that pain is great. Why? Because when there is pain it sparks a feeling of change. For example, say you have a heavy smoke addiction where you spend $200-400/week on cigarettes, you would most likely continue with this behaviour because it is “okay” as your body has yet to object. However when a major health incident occurs such as a heart attack or you cough blood – hopefully this ‘pain’ will cause you to be scared of the outcome if you didn’t stop smoking and thus will allow you to MAKE THAT CHANGE – throw the pack in the bin and vow to stop.


The first step as you know is always the hardest. It really is. Like the change I had committed to 4 days ago. Commit to changing/improving one thing in your life, no matter how big or small still means progress.


Dominate Life