3 things I’ve learnt about being a Solopreneur


Why the f*ck do I need to do this? Why can’t I be happy with what I have? Am I a cocky bastard? Am I taking my time away from my family? Is it just me being greedy?

I’m a start up, I’m running this mission of my solo. I’ve yet to reach the heights of Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk or Grant Cardone. Will I ever reach theirs? A realist would say ‘nay’ but I’m an opportunist, and I say ‘why the hell not’?! I bleed red just as they do, I can be whoever the hell I want thank you.

Do I sound like I’m venting? Yes. No? This is the pure reality of mine, every morning getting out of bed at the early hours each morning, just to beat the sun and beat my competitor, ‘me’ who’d rather stay in bed and snooze. I’m not competing with anyone, I’m competing with myself. And for those who’ve met me and know me well, I have extremely high standards for everything, so this ‘battle’ between ‘old me’ and ‘new me’ can get messy!

This article really gets down to why I started this entity. It was all about the ‘Watch Grant’ catch line because I really wanted to show everyone how I broke free of these ‘shackles’ of society and the social norm and pursue something outside of my comfort zone. Why? To satisfy a big itch of mine to help inspire my social circle, where it may be friends, family and my awesome followers (thank you again!). If you have that ‘itch’ and the ‘fire’ inside to go do what you really want, then do it. If you ‘Watch Grant’ and it helps inspire you, then hell yeah.

Why am I being so stubborn? Just be happy with what i have! Right? WRONG

‘Watch Grant’ has been in existence for more than 2 months, here’s 3 things I’ve learnt:


I used to work from 8/9am till 6-8pm at night, I had no time to go to the loo, to the bank or eat lunch! I felt suffocated and unhealthy. My decision to resign and move on was exciting and absolutely freaky at the same time, but nevertheless it was the best decision I’ve ever made (besides the wedding proposal =)).

Now I can choose to start my office days at 10am, I still get up at 5:00am, plan my day, workout and get YouTube inspired. The great thing is the flexibility of my schedule, there’s time for the gym in the middle of the day, time for my primary role as a Podiatrist and company marketing and now the time to write and plan content. Time must be controlled so I spend time with my loved ones, its important to be reminded of why I do what I do. It’s so great to have control over time instead of time controlling me.


The way I think, strategise and innovate has been sometimes deemed madness and crazy. I imagine the absolute PAIN of not achieving my goals and it helps fuel my creativity and hence I’m able to come up with a strategy or a tactic to resolve a problem as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I know when I’ve outgrown my ‘environment’ or my comfort zone then it’s time to get acquainted with other people who are even more innovative than I am. That’s why I love networking!


I remember back in high school and university I used to envy my classmates and friends who were renowned for being special in maths, computers and sport. It’s not fair. They were all useful in that schooling setting. However as I continued discovering myself, I realised that friends and family would come to me to discuss their issues and stressors and I absolutely loved the challenge and the fact that I felt ‘needed’.

I love solving problems because I see problems as opportunities, either to boost team morale, improve client relationships, improving cash flow or to grow my name. I want to change the world!


Take 5 minutes out of your day to really appreciate what achievements you’ve had and what you’ve learnt. If we stop to realise the good that we’ve done then that will fuel our drive and motivation to give 110% effort because winning is an addiction.


My goal for social media is to be everywhere! Here are my social mediums and each role:

  • Facebook: Main page and status updates, tips
  • Snapchat: My daily vlogs – see what I do everyday
  • Instagram: I combine art and pictures with words of inspiration
  • Twitter: I exclusively post business and marketing tips
  • YouTube: where all my past videos sit

Each of your follows on my above mentioned social media mediums only allows me to reach out to you and we can help each other! I hope I can inspire you to greatness.

Dominate Your Desires


How to ‘boss’ time

How to boss time instead of time ‘bossing’ you?! We’ve all been stressed when we’re running short of time to do our daily tasks. I’ve been guilty many times of running late to meetings or just simply not being there on time. Why?

Is it because we’re all ‘reactive’ when it comes to our lives? Shall we just wait and procrastinate till that task or activity becomes high priority due to lack of time? We know this. Its obvious.

To really BOSS and CONQUER time you must appreciate the truth that TIME = MONEY. You don’t waste money nor do you procrastinate taking or earning more money. If you invest your money well then money will work its wonders for you. Same goes for time. If you invest your time well then you’re tasks, goals and objectives will be done effectively and most importantly efficiently.



There are 24 hours, 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds in a day. YOU’RE RICH! Wowee that’s great cash flow given to you! It’s important to now only sit down and plan your time but to discuss with your significant others what you need to do per day and how much time you require. Doing this will not only hold you accountable for your goal achievements but it also shows your significant ones that you appreciate their time and that they must be allocated into the time budget.

I suggest spend approximately 10-20 minutes every night, state your goals and break each goal into chunks of mini tasks that aim to effectively complete each one. By chunking your tasks you can review what you’ve done and efficiently complete them. No more running, rushing and stressing. The stress is your fault. Plan your time well and you’ll sit back and realise how awesome you performed your tasks today and thereby you deserve your ‘allocated’ chill out time!


To conquer time, you must respect it. Respecting yours and other’s time will allow you to understand how it works for everyone. You respect money right? You had to work hard to earn that money and you must now waste it! Well unfortunately, not everyone respects time (we’ll discuss that next!).

To further add to time = money thought process, I’ll throw you another bombshell; TIME IS MORE THAN MONEY. Why? Because time, unlike money when lost, cannot be made back. Once you’ve wasted or lost time, you won’t get it back. Don’t waste your loved one’s time. You won’t gain that lost time back.

Value your time. Value other’s time.


Procrastination is a villain. If we maintain the ‘time is money’ analogy then I consider procrastination as gambling. You’re spending money for a short-lived ‘high’ or happiness. And when you’ve overspent and wasted too much ‘time’ then only negative emotions present. Don’t gamble your time away. At least money you can make back, time lost is lost.

Commit to achieving your goals through chunking first. If you are really passionate and dedicated to achieving your goals then you wouldn’t have time to procrastinate.


You can dominate your time by learning how to harness it wisely. Doing so will give you a fabulous sensation of success in conquering your daily time and goal budgets!

Dominate Time.



Everything you do is an Audition

Everywhere you go and everything you do there is always someone watching! That’s the truth! We are a highly populated society who are well defined in different senses. I can safely say that everyone judges based on the traditionally recognised senses of look (sight), speech (hearing), smell and touch.

This advice was told to me by Mr Alan Jones (Radio Broadcaster) many years ago during my last year of high school while at a Youth Empowerment Conference called “Step to the Future (surprisingly, I found no evidence of this event on a google search…hmm..). This vital advice has really shaped the way I present myself in the public, in business and with friends and family.

If I make a fool of myself during my younger, brattier and foolish years well then it’d be seen by everyone around me, may it be friends, family and strangers! Nowadays, I always think twice, maybe three or four times before I act on an occurrence. For example, if I decided or had a brain snap and went crazy aggressive from a road incident. These days with the ease of recording video by smartphones can land me in a bad light which will affect my reputation, business and any future prospects!

Some time ago, after a long family day out – shopping, I decided to get some fresh pressed juice or a smoothie for fruity and sweet hit. I waltz over to the juice shop in the middle of the shopping centre food court and I waited for service. And I waited. And waited. I’m a reasonable guy. I really am. There were 4 staff operating this business. 3 were cleaning while this girl was on her smartphone. What made my blood boil was that she looked directly at me for a good 5 seconds and continued to play with her phone. After what seemed an eternal drag of 6 minutes waiting (!), she finally came over and in a pathetic tone said, ‘yes’?. I guess this was her moronic way of asking what I would like to order. Now I won’t disclose the exact words I said but I did end my words with, “…I would never hire you..”. Before walking away, I believed I took the tissue and straw containers from the register countertop and effortless and gracefully placed both items on the floor. I just wanted to help her out and give her some work to do! In this case, both this girl and I were both on audition, people were watching. Most importantly, the girl was watched by her now-upset supervisor while I received a fist pump from a fellow shopper.

No matter whatever you decide to do, make sure it is always your best. Give it your best because you never know who is watching. It could be a millionaire business owner who admires your service and manner and may end up hiring you on the spot. If you’ve done a great deed of service to help others well then your community will recognise your charitable actions and look to reward you for your efforts (not saying that should be the only motivation to help others).

The best way is to consider yourself as a personal public brand, you have an image to keep and you are selling yourself to the world. Whether your image and actions are good or bad, they’ll always be someone watching on the street, in the shops, on their balcony or in a video!

Dominate your public audition