Everything you do is an Audition

Everywhere you go and everything you do there is always someone watching! That’s the truth! We are a highly populated society who are well defined in different senses. I can safely say that everyone judges based on the traditionally recognised senses of look (sight), speech (hearing), smell and touch.

This advice was told to me by Mr Alan Jones (Radio Broadcaster) many years ago during my last year of high school while at a Youth Empowerment Conference called “Step to the Future (surprisingly, I found no evidence of this event on a google search…hmm..). This vital advice has really shaped the way I present myself in the public, in business and with friends and family.

If I make a fool of myself during my younger, brattier and foolish years well then it’d be seen by everyone around me, may it be friends, family and strangers! Nowadays, I always think twice, maybe three or four times before I act on an occurrence. For example, if I decided or had a brain snap and went crazy aggressive from a road incident. These days with the ease of recording video by smartphones can land me in a bad light which will affect my reputation, business and any future prospects!

Some time ago, after a long family day out – shopping, I decided to get some fresh pressed juice or a smoothie for fruity and sweet hit. I waltz over to the juice shop in the middle of the shopping centre food court and I waited for service. And I waited. And waited. I’m a reasonable guy. I really am. There were 4 staff operating this business. 3 were cleaning while this girl was on her smartphone. What made my blood boil was that she looked directly at me for a good 5 seconds and continued to play with her phone. After what seemed an eternal drag of 6 minutes waiting (!), she finally came over and in a pathetic tone said, ‘yes’?. I guess this was her moronic way of asking what I would like to order. Now I won’t disclose the exact words I said but I did end my words with, “…I would never hire you..”. Before walking away, I believed I took the tissue and straw containers from the register countertop and effortless and gracefully placed both items on the floor. I just wanted to help her out and give her some work to do! In this case, both this girl and I were both on audition, people were watching. Most importantly, the girl was watched by her now-upset supervisor while I received a fist pump from a fellow shopper.

No matter whatever you decide to do, make sure it is always your best. Give it your best because you never know who is watching. It could be a millionaire business owner who admires your service and manner and may end up hiring you on the spot. If you’ve done a great deed of service to help others well then your community will recognise your charitable actions and look to reward you for your efforts (not saying that should be the only motivation to help others).

The best way is to consider yourself as a personal public brand, you have an image to keep and you are selling yourself to the world. Whether your image and actions are good or bad, they’ll always be someone watching on the street, in the shops, on their balcony or in a video!

Dominate your public audition


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