3 things I’ve learnt about being a Solopreneur


Why the f*ck do I need to do this? Why can’t I be happy with what I have? Am I a cocky bastard? Am I taking my time away from my family? Is it just me being greedy?

I’m a start up, I’m running this mission of my solo. I’ve yet to reach the heights of Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk or Grant Cardone. Will I ever reach theirs? A realist would say ‘nay’ but I’m an opportunist, and I say ‘why the hell not’?! I bleed red just as they do, I can be whoever the hell I want thank you.

Do I sound like I’m venting? Yes. No? This is the pure reality of mine, every morning getting out of bed at the early hours each morning, just to beat the sun and beat my competitor, ‘me’ who’d rather stay in bed and snooze. I’m not competing with anyone, I’m competing with myself. And for those who’ve met me and know me well, I have extremely high standards for everything, so this ‘battle’ between ‘old me’ and ‘new me’ can get messy!

This article really gets down to why I started this entity. It was all about the ‘Watch Grant’ catch line because I really wanted to show everyone how I broke free of these ‘shackles’ of society and the social norm and pursue something outside of my comfort zone. Why? To satisfy a big itch of mine to help inspire my social circle, where it may be friends, family and my awesome followers (thank you again!). If you have that ‘itch’ and the ‘fire’ inside to go do what you really want, then do it. If you ‘Watch Grant’ and it helps inspire you, then hell yeah.

Why am I being so stubborn? Just be happy with what i have! Right? WRONG

‘Watch Grant’ has been in existence for more than 2 months, here’s 3 things I’ve learnt:


I used to work from 8/9am till 6-8pm at night, I had no time to go to the loo, to the bank or eat lunch! I felt suffocated and unhealthy. My decision to resign and move on was exciting and absolutely freaky at the same time, but nevertheless it was the best decision I’ve ever made (besides the wedding proposal =)).

Now I can choose to start my office days at 10am, I still get up at 5:00am, plan my day, workout and get YouTube inspired. The great thing is the flexibility of my schedule, there’s time for the gym in the middle of the day, time for my primary role as a Podiatrist and company marketing and now the time to write and plan content. Time must be controlled so I spend time with my loved ones, its important to be reminded of why I do what I do. It’s so great to have control over time instead of time controlling me.


The way I think, strategise and innovate has been sometimes deemed madness and crazy. I imagine the absolute PAIN of not achieving my goals and it helps fuel my creativity and hence I’m able to come up with a strategy or a tactic to resolve a problem as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I know when I’ve outgrown my ‘environment’ or my comfort zone then it’s time to get acquainted with other people who are even more innovative than I am. That’s why I love networking!


I remember back in high school and university I used to envy my classmates and friends who were renowned for being special in maths, computers and sport. It’s not fair. They were all useful in that schooling setting. However as I continued discovering myself, I realised that friends and family would come to me to discuss their issues and stressors and I absolutely loved the challenge and the fact that I felt ‘needed’.

I love solving problems because I see problems as opportunities, either to boost team morale, improve client relationships, improving cash flow or to grow my name. I want to change the world!


Take 5 minutes out of your day to really appreciate what achievements you’ve had and what you’ve learnt. If we stop to realise the good that we’ve done then that will fuel our drive and motivation to give 110% effort because winning is an addiction.


My goal for social media is to be everywhere! Here are my social mediums and each role:

  • Facebook: Main page and status updates, tips
  • Snapchat: My daily vlogs – see what I do everyday
  • Instagram: I combine art and pictures with words of inspiration
  • Twitter: I exclusively post business and marketing tips
  • YouTube: where all my past videos sit

Each of your follows on my above mentioned social media mediums only allows me to reach out to you and we can help each other! I hope I can inspire you to greatness.

Dominate Your Desires


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