This is one of my weaknesses

Its great to be seen as a workhorse or a machine, well that’s what my friends and family say. However, I too am human and I still struggle with poor productivity some days. I hate being unproductive. I hate wasting time. But when things get overwhelming despite my planning and anticipating of each day’s goals and events I get frustrated and feel I didn’t achieve my goals. 
Take today for example. I started my day early morning, organised a few social media posts and words of wisdom, I consulted with 7 clients, wrote 2 articles, met with 2 major referrers, filmed an instructing video and came home for a 45 minute workout in the backyard. I don’t state all to brag or shit like that, its to show you that despite my efforts to destroy my daily tasks, I still am left with 7 more, mostly consisting with my new project completion called “The Unplugged” which I still have some writing and recording of content. As well as that, my work as a Podiatrist also requires some attention too, especially regarding maintaining referrer and client relationships.

Right now, I’m writing this with as much focus and intent as I can, cause I do not want to miss dinner with my family. Its not fair that I work work work and neglect my wife and daughter. They are what drive me to work. As well as that, I need to go to bed by midnight so I can wake up at 5am for a 30 minute calisthenics session then content creation before I have to get ready to go to the office. So as it stands now, I’ve got 3 hours to edit content and publish my Podiatry video and then write approximately 1-2 hours worth of content for my “The Unplugged” project.

The great part of this post is that I’ve announced my evening hustle and YOU my precious readers will hold me accountable. My objectives before midnight (its now 8:15pm):

  • Dinner and quality time with family
  • Finish watchGrant blog post
  • Edit and publish Podiatry instructional video
  • Finish Module 1 & 2 of “The Unplugged”
  • Organise content for tomorrow
  • Read 2 chapters of Grant Cardone’s “If you’re not first, you’re last”


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