3 reasons people feel ‘lost’ in their lives

It happens. Most people can feel ‘lost’, ‘incomplete’ and ‘uncertain’ about their lives. It can happen anytime, it can be triggered anytime and it may be called a ‘midlife crisis’! Discontent, dissatisfaction and resentment of your ways of life and the routine of it is very common and I believe it comes from not understanding your “WHY”, “WHAT” and “HOW” that leads you to this discontented path. What we must realise is that we should anticipate this occurrence and plan for it should you ever experience it.

unhappy, lost, discontent, ‘flat’, dissatisfaction, confusion and resentment
I recently felt ‘lost’. I was burnt out. I was working and am still working 19 hour days because I was determined to destroy my goals and plans. But I felt flat, no sense of joy and although I knew my responsibilities and roles in my hectic lifestyle, I refused to bow down to this feeling. It wasn’t easy. I was unproductive. Lazy and whingy and sulky. I hated it. But I knew it was a problem and I knew from my principles that it was a dark stormy phase I had to go through to get to sunnier days!

“…anticipate this occurrence and plan for it should you ever experience it.”

Unfortunately as you’re mind is surrounded by this negative thoughts and you can make this problem grow bigger if you keep holding yourself in that circumstance. It adds fuel to the fire. If you think good and positive thoughts then your day should be a lot more brighter.

I don’t blame you for feeling lost. It’s okay. It happens. What I’m more concerned about it how you’re gonna get back into the hustle and grind and how long would it take? Before we even do that, you must audit yourself and realise that you are plagued with at least three reasons.

losing track of your journey is bad. But it can happen. It will be okay
These three common reasons for feeling lost include:

1/ excessive stress – over thinking, overworking – no time for stress relief..

If you absolutely cannot find time to understand yourself, your wants and needs then you’re in a lot of trouble! Treat your mental state like body building. Every exercise and workout that you do causes stress on the muscular fibres of your body parts and therefore it is important to have rest days or breaks from training. By resting your muscle fibres are given the chance to repair itself and come back stronger, the same goes for your mental state. If you’re experiencing excessive stress, take a step back, enjoy a break and regather your thoughts because continued mental strain will lead to ‘injury’.

2/  feeling lost – purpose

We all grind out a day, but are you happy with your doing? Are you feeling fulfilled”? It’s so important to discover YOUR WHY?! It all comes down to conditioning. When you start a new project or start a new job, I assume you’re very excited and driven. But as time goes on, we become more stressed, exposed to naysayers, whingers and complainers and then we LOSE SIGHT of THE WHY. Constantly reviewing your WHY really does help. But hey, you’re too busy to do that right?!!!!!

3/    no motivation – no goal

No matter how crazy your lifestyle, you must hang on for dear life – your purpose! To really sustain the WHY, we must set chunked goals and due dates. Realising your why is great but now it’s time to act. If you have no motivation or direction due to lack of goal setting then you will compact and consolidate that dissatisfaction and resentment to your life. That won’t get you nowhere.

The question now is how do you dig yourself out?!! I made a YouTube that will help you get over this stage of your life. Have a look:

Dominate your mental state


P.S. Would love to know what you thought of my article! Would love to talk to you about your circumstance – please fill in the below


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