My Hangover

Yep I’m recovering from a hangover. I’ve had way too much. I tried to control it, but I couldn’t. It’s my fault. I’ll admit it wasn’t forced on me but it was my choice to allow it to happen. Now I’m wasting time recovering from it.


No. Geez, its not alcohol if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m suffering from holiday hangover. You see, the weekend that had just past was Sydney’s long weekend, where we had Monday as a public holiday and my family decided to drive down to the South Coast for a short getaway from our ‘hectic’ lives. Oh boy.

The weather was fantastic, well a bit windy but our beach house was absolutely beautiful and well set up. The pool, balcony and views were spectacular. Of course, the company made it more awesome.

However, I took my foot off the pedal in my hustle and grind. Every day my time is calculated down to the minutes to make sure I maximise EVERYTHING. Time is so important to me. Some will say this getaway was to recharge but I’ll say they’re wrong. As much as it was a ‘break’ from reality, I actually love my reality! I love getting up early morning, smash out a short workout and then hit my goals as hard as I can.

I ended up getting out of bed later and was much more slower in my workload. Yes, call me crazy but I brought my solopreneur gear – ipad, keyboard, tripod, filming and recording equipment! Some of my mates thought I was crazy! But I love the work, I love the hustle and grind. I was effective but no way near as efficient than I usually am!

The worst part is I felt incredibly fatigued coming back home and I’ll be honest, I felt bewildered. All of my systems, responsibilities and energy were ‘out the window’. Time was needed to recapture my ‘fire’ cause I had lost it somewhere – maybe it was still at the South Coast!


HARDEN THE HELL UP! As motivated and driven I am and am known to be, sometimes I need a kick up the arse to reignite my drive and fire. Here’s what I did,

1. I took a cold shower (NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED or if you have a heart condition!)

Besides hygiene, this cold shower really kick started my drive. It shocked my system. I usually have a morning cold shower to psych myself up, I realised I hadn’t taken one since the start of the getaway!

cold shower anyone?

2. Re-establish my goals

I had to rewrite my mission statement, outline my goals and targets and review my strategy. It is so important to be constantly be reminded of my ambitions – cause that it what fuels me.

keep reminding yourself of your goals

3. Get out and win

I had to get out and win. First day back at my office, I had to make sure I had to win something. Surpass myself – break free of ‘holiday shackles’. So I did. I followed up on a potential referrer by visiting her business and I was able to secure a coffee meeting! I needed to surpass myself and it did. I could feel the fire burning bright.

winning is about surpassing yourself


If ever you suffer from feeling ‘flat’ or ‘bewildered’ then do what I did. If your body and health can take it then do the cold shower and POWER UP. So that you can wake up and destroy your goals and tasks of the day.


Maybe I should take less breaks and holidays OR maybe stop riding this road solo. We’ll see.



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