The guy who earned $1300+/weekend selling water

I hope you’ve seen my watchGrant episode 13 – Side Hustle – Increase your cash flow video and I did promise that I would outlay the story behind the fella who was selling bottles of water and making a tidy $1500 per week as a side hustle.


During a walk in Sydney CBD on a warm March day this year, I saw a crowd of people huddling around this fella who was wearing one of those nifty umbrella hats (despite standing under shade) with two massive ice boxes (esky) and what looked like a small battery powered fan. He was selling bottles of water. Nope, not ordinary water but superchilled icy cold 600mL bottles of water which he was selling for $3.50. When you purchased a bottle, he would throw in “refresher sprays” which involved him spraying icy cold water (from his squirt bottle) to your face and neck (not sure how safe it was but i did feel good after the spray!).

To get his attention and to initiate a chat, I purchased 3 bottles of his super cold water and after the 6th refresher spray, I asked him a few friendly questions and we had a 10 minute discussion.

He did give me permission to write about him but only if I addressed him as Kevin (he didn’t want his identity revealed). Kevin only runs this cold water bottle business as a side hustle for the last three years. His primary 9-5 weekday job is in HR, although the job is stable, his income is not suffice for his living standards and hence he wanted to sell bottles of water which are super chilled for two days in his big camping eskys. His idea came from seeing another person selling water. Apparently its a big business! Kevin only operates this water business on the weekends and carefully picks his spots on warm and sunny days with high traffic of tourists or during festivals. Kevin’s wife helps transport at least three heavy ice boxes of 600mL water and ice to the chosen location. Kevin told me on average he would make up to $700-800 a day of the weekend which depends on the weather and the stock they prepare. That would mean Kevin would have to sell 200 bottles a day! Kevin says he can fit 200 bottles easily as he uses his special tetris skills and special ‘ice’. I’d assume that’s dry ice which can be made at home (this was based on my YouTube search). Funnily enough, Kevin said he wants to quickly sell all his bottles so he can get back to ‘chilling out’ on the weekend! Kevin proudly swears that he can sit at his spot for maximum of three hours to sell his stock with his fastest record at 35 minutes to make $750! When he first started, money was the objective but now working approximately 2-3 hours on the weekend his primary goal is to impress his wife with the speed in which he sells the bottles. Once they are all sold, Kevin loads up his gear and the eskys onto his trolley and just like that his gone as quick as he sold to avoid council rangers and to get back to his wife!


In my video, I discussed the importance of the side hustle and how to go about starting one. Let’s analyse Kevin’s bottled water side hustle business:

1. Plan your hustle

Kevin knew the why and how of his side hustle. He sat down with his wife knowing they needed to increase their income. They forecasted weather, costs of purchasing stock and high traffic areas. They set unofficial KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure their success!

2. Market the value

Kevin had setup many signs about ‘quenching your thirst’ and that absolutely worked! His small fan was a way to draw many potential hot and thirsty customers. Keep in mind, some refused his change and said thank you! I saw it first hand when I purchased myself!

3. Sell an experience

His happy nature and the use of ‘refresher sprays’ really made him stand out from any competition! People just huddled and lined up to buy and receive their sprays!!


To satisfy my advice to BULLETPROOF your lifestyle, you MUST create more cash flow and income streams. If you can’t leave your primary income, that’s cool. Then create a side hustle. Where it may be teaching, designing or simply selling icy cold water.



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