Voices are the new hurdles

Voices can definitely kill. Voices can turn someone’s life right upside down. It can truly be damaging. However, it can also be for the greater good!

There are simply two types of voices that we pay attention to. The Internal Voice and the External voice.

The Internal voice is borne from you. This is when you unseeingly ‘talk’ to yourself to decide or remember something. Your inner voice is so important because it can either lead you to nothingness or to awesomeness. Which do you want?! This posed question is easy to answer, of course we want to be awesome! But are you voicing AWESOME right now? If you are, then I have to send a high-five in the mail!

be wary of certain voices

The External voice is the people around you in your social circle that talk to you. Similarly to the internal voice, the external can lead you to nothingness or to awesomeness. Which do you want? Are you feeling awesome right now from the words spoken from those in your social circle? Yes? No?

I used to suffer from both types of Voices. It really impacted me cause I knew I could’ve striven for much more but I repeatedly said I was held back and affected by those words I received. I can continue to blame but as you know one of my principles is that IT IS ALWAYS MY FAULT. I now understand this. You see these voices can come from your family, friends and colleagues. It’s just all about what you take in or HOW much you’re willing to be influenced by the voices.


Internal Voice

  • To lead to nothingness:   CONTINUE TALKING CRAP TO YOURSELF. It will get you nowhere
    • STRATEGY : continue shooting yourself down and living in fear.
  • To lead to awesomeness: Power yourself with daily rituals and affirmations
    • STRATEGY: through connecting with Facebook entrepreneurs, Podcasts, music, YouTube, articles from Success and Entrepreneur magazines. Always reinforce positive and inspiring words to yourself. Even when you’ve done a “boo-boo” or failed, reword your speech to yourself from one that would be verbal abuse to one that would be encouragement.

External Voice

  • To lead to nothingness:   CONTINUE TO BE IN THE PRESENCE OF NAYSAYERS & LIFE SUCKERS. They talk crap about you and attempt to bring you down to their level because they’ve NEVER achieved the level of success that you’re gonna get!
    • STRATEGY: Ok, realistically you might be unable to avoid them so IGNORE THEM. Switch off your hearing or simply devote very little time to speaking to them. The more you spend time with them, the more they will add to your failure.
surround yourself with those who are on the same mission as you
  • To lead to awesomeness: Surround yourself with those who are on the same mission as you are.
    • STRATEGY: They can be easily found on social media and in person! You just need to make and find the right connections.
    • STRATEGY: Use Meetup app or Facebook or LinkedIn groups to find your herd. Follow your herd. You can join and journey together.




P.S. Thanks for reading my article. If you want to be “IMPENETRABLE” to the voices hurdles then I suggest finding out more about my “THE UNPLUGGED” power program which will allow you to power through problems and seek and achieve your goals!

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