Anything can happen cause I’ve seen anything happen

Whenever you hear someone bad mouth a major celebrity, millionaire or billionaire because of their success, DO not listen to them. You’ll hear things like ‘this person is ‘rorting’ the public’,’this person is dodgy’, ‘yep, definitely drugs’ or ‘he/she was born into wealth’. Those who say this are simply ‘making reasons/excuses’ to personify another who is on a different level, to basically lower that famous, successful person to their level so that they can feel better about themselves. Let’s call this ‘aborting’, as these people who choose to not believe the success that another has achieved.

everyone’s perspective is different

Hey, we’ve all been guilty of ‘aborting’. But over the period that I’ve discovered so much success that there is no easy way, you have to slog through shit, deal with abuse and criticism and of course face rejection and that is why I stopped ‘aborting’ famous and successful people. I understand the journey, I read their story and I learnt their principles. But enough of this negative talk. You are reading this to be inspired. Have you seen someone earn $25,000 in a day? Or rebuild an entire village in a 3rd world country? Or purchase a new Aston Martin? Or purchase a city penthouse? Or re-learn (if that’s a word) to walk after a severe stroke? Or even better, beat cancer?

what does success mean to you?

If you have, then you should be inspired as you realise that anything is possible!!!! For those who haven’t experienced the above, then you need to immerse yourself with people who are DEFEATING IMPOSSIBLE. Once you immerse and experience the presence of successful people in whatever background – health, charity or business then they would have inspired you to act on your goals.

Who you hang out with really drives your success, if you hang out with negative people who offer no enrichment to your life and your mission then I strongly believe its time to make new friends. Here are 2 strategies you can use to help you BELIEVE that IMPOSSIBLE can be defeated:


I’ve discussed this a few times in the past and I stand by these words of advice, to be successful you must be around people who are successful and who want you to be successful. Don’t get me wrong this is not a request to get rid of your friends who you’ve grown up with. However, if you’re still only hanging with old childhood and schooling friends then you really really need to find some new friends. Because this only builds your NETWORTH.

find your herd

What is your networth? It is what your social circle is worth to you in business, value and referrals. No business can ever survive WITHOUT their networth. Period. Creating new relationships should be a standard practice not extra work as it only increases the value of your networth. Think about it, when was the last time one of your social circle contributed to your success, regardless of whether its positive criticism, referral or financial benefit? If no one in your social circle has, then AGAIN – make some new friends.

To reiterate the point, here are the reasons for building your NETWORTH:

  • Increase referrals to your business
  • Increase cash flow to your business
  • Expand awareness of your service or product
  • Exponential business growth
  • Learn and consolidate on new ideas and concepts
  • Current social circle is NOT contributing to your success
  • Current social circle are a bunch of naysayers and dreamsuckers

Alright, I think you’ve got the idea, here are some ideas to grow your network:

  • Join and attend some Meetup groups
    •  If you’re based in Sydney, then I would love to come along to some of the events I’m organising as manager of the Sydney Entrepreneur’s Network – where I will be discussing business concepts and marketing strategies
  • Contact people in your social network who are more successful than you
    • ask for advice and discussion over coffee or lunch – FYI, you’re paying.
  • Position yourself where the successful people (or where your research shows) go:
    • Canvass at the busy local cafe
    • Business & Empowerment seminars and conferences
    • Join the gym
    • Co-working office spaces that you can rent for a day, a week, etc etc.. that is reknowned for having entrepreneurs work


Reading is so important. I remember one of my schooling friends laugh off reading, saying it was for idiots and a ‘waste of time’ – I don’t hang with them anymore.

Reading books is the closest way you can get to a successful person’s thoughts and ideas. It’s important that you devour as many books at your pace provided that you can absorb the teachings; write them down if you need to!

read read read – anywhere!

Some of you will say, hey, I’ve got no time. Well there is time, it’s just that you haven’t recognised the importance of books and hence made it one of your priorities. I’m busy but I make sure I dedicate at least 30 to 60 minutes of reading per day – I split it up while drinking coffee, at lunch, after dinner, hell even while on the ‘throne’! The best part is by having all my books follow me around everywhere, thanks to the ‘Amazon Kindle’ app which is accessible on both my phones and tablet! Sweet!

carry as many ebooks as you want on your device!

Some books I strongly recommend that have helped me in my success:

  • “Screw it just do it” by Sir Richard Branson
  • “10x” & “Sell of be sold” by Grant Cardone
  • “Power to Act” by Dorry Kordahi
  • “Toughen Up: what I learned about surviving tough times” by Sir Michael Hill


Social media mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and my new favourite Snapchat bring you even closer into the lifestyles of those who are successful. By simply ‘Liking’ and ‘Following’ can open up to the dealings, the highs and lows of their life which I’m sure at some point you would be able to relate.


Remember the key of this post is to encourage you to defeat impossible. But to do that, first you have to believe with the utmost certainty that it is possible and to do that you will have to surround yourself with people who have achieved your goals already. Doing this, will allow you to reach greater heights.

Dominate ‘IMPOSSIBLE’, embrace ‘Anything is Possible’





The Most Important Person in my Entrepreneurial Journey

“Behind every great man is a greater woman”

My wife and I have dated for many years from high school and we got married on the 12/12/12 at 12:10pm (12:12pm would’ve been too perfect right?). During these years it has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows and as I write this post I can honestly say that I absolutely could not imagine any other lady to stand by me on my entrepreneurial journey. The advantage is that we’ve known each other for years and years and have grown up together. We both know everything about each other (sometimes too much haha) and it is awesome to share the same ambitions and goals.

She plays a massive part of my mentality and I’m sure she’s aware that she can easily boost my mood and also send it crashing! We absolutely complement each other even though she deems herself a ‘realist’ and me as an ‘opportunist’ which is great! Can you imagine if I had no limits or logic when pursuing every opportunity?! I remember when I was first starting out in business and earning an income, times were tough. I was working myself ragged with little or lack of financial reward but we sat down and figured out our finances. We would always feel so much better to know that both of us knew the game of our lifestyle and we wanted to dominate no matter what.

promise to support (not our pic)


Bulletproofing my lifestyle is the ‘heartbeat’ of my entrepreneurial journey and this principle pays tribute to my wife and my daughter (and the next kids and future generations) who have been there by my side on my mission from day one. I love it that my wife is a very independent woman who has the ability to dominate whatever she sets her mind to (much like my 2.5 year old daughter!) but much like my parents, there is no way I can ever pay my wife back for the support she has given me. She has trusted and believed in me and has followed me into the gates of the chaos and ‘hell’ and I’m proud to say that we are emerging into great times. I am building a life for my young family that has unlimited and residual cash flow so that we can live a life where we have freedom of choice. As you all know, one of my other principles is regarding anticipation and that furthers on bulletproofing my lifestyle so that should anything happen to me, my family’s culture and lifestyle can still be maintained.


The lesson here folks is the importance of support. I don’t care who it is who is most valuable to you as long as they support and full heartedly criticise you so that you can only improve. People who always ‘sugar coat’ their criticism are not good for you. Pain is the only way to grow so I highly recommend having your support network full-heartedly criticise you and tell you as they see it so that you can grow. Thankfully, my wife is this person and with her support, ambition and criticism, it has only allowed me to amplify my growth as a businessman and entrepreneur. Where would I be without her? Nowhere.

sorta like that sometimes =) =)


Happy 4 years anniversary to my wife! We FORGOT! Facebook reminded us about our anniversary on their memories function! I believe we’ve forgotten about our anniversary because we’ve always valued, enjoyed and celebrated every day together that’s why we’ve become desensitised to anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Thank you my dear wife for standing by me through THICK and THIN and supporting me on my entrepreneurial journey. To our bright future!

Dominate your Life by having strong support.



Are you really paid what your worth?

“I’m not paid enough”

“I have to keep giving discounts so they can buy from me..”

“I’m sick and tired of working like a dog for peanuts”

“I spent 4 years of university study for this?!”


It doesn’t matter what the job, role or occupation you have right now, it matters most the level of income you are being rewarded for your efforts in your own business and your workplace. But for most, they find that their income does not justify the amount of effort, energy, ethic, experience and efficiency (The 5 E’s). BUT! The safety’ of money is what ties people down to their occupation so that it funds their lifestyle and that is what they all want.

office work

Complacency and the fear of both failure and work are what overrides the inner thoughts of one who is underpaid to simply accept the low income and then go to the pub and have a whinge about your earning.

Another interesting thought is that it’s YOU who is the cause of whatever income you’re earning. If you don’t apply 100% to your work and you’re one of those 9 to 5 EXACT working hours If you do not have the 5 E’s mentioned above, then read on!


There is no accurate income figure for each of your occupations but the only ways to increase your chances of convincing a customer to buy an expensive product or convincing the deal with a potential employee is by implementing the 5E’s! (mentioned above)

  • EFFORT – always approach every customer and/or attack your tasks at 120%
  • ENERGY – be enthusiastic, passionate, hungry to learn and be viral
  • ETHIC – operate according to the morals, rules and regulations
  • EXPERIENCE – be ready to learn, train and qualify as much as you can
  • EFFICIENCY – work smart and complete your goals and tasks in a short period of tim
hard hat occupations!



Add value.

@ The Workplace 

Do some research and planning before you’re job interview OR a requested meeting with your management teams. The key point that you must understand is the manager’s intentions, that is, is to find someone who will solve their problem effectively and efficiently in a little amount of time so that they can return to their primary workplace role.

If you can approach the HR, supervisor, manager etc with extreme intent to rule this position, commit to getting outstanding results and performance and deliver a smashing and confident pitch you are well on your way. Who’s to say that the person you’re pitching to you actually initiates the income options straight away? Remember during the meeting, you can announce your income requests and be open to negotiate any terms may it be money, benefits and perks.

Oh, and also a failed attempt to increase your value at the workplace can result in job termination (then you can pursue entrepreneurship…!). Never fear… you hated that job right? Time to move on!

@ Your business

Discounts, bargaining and pitching are all common occurrences in running a business. Some people are absolutely OUT to get a discount! While there are others who won’t even bother looking at the discount – these are the people you need to deal with more!

I remember pitching a high end health product and despite some flurry of discounts requests I continued to explain the most important thing – the reason they came was to fix a problem. I added value and kept doing it till I closed the client.


Dominate your income



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Holiday Epiphany!

I’ve recently returned from a 10 day South Pacific family cruising vacation on one of Royal Caribbean’s big ships – Explorer of the Seas. We were to cruise from Sydney to the islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

I’ll admit the weeks leading up to the trip were bloody hectic, millisecond days every day and I was worked to the bone. The most important part was organising everything to run smoothly while I was gone – including business contracts, billing, marketing and content creation. But come day of the trip, although it was hectic getting onboard and then finally settling in it took me a further 3 days to finally relax and unwind.


Isle of Pines – paradise



Don’t get me wrong the trip was great to spend time with my wife and daughter but I was feeling uneasy and restless. I would see people just lazing around by the pool just sunbaking and sleeping. I just couldn’t do that, I tried but within 5 minutes, I would be on the iPad reading through content from Grant Cardone or Gary Vee. Even when I met people by the pool or at the café, I really enjoyed it and I was able to promote my business ventures and my mission (i.e. To Bulletproof my Lifestyle, remember?) So certainly great.


By the fourth day, I made the decision to produce as much content as I could via videos and articles to make a new series called “Beach Therapy”. I used all my knowledge of video making and production and lighting techniques to film ALL the content – somewhat 32 videos! I didn’t have any help from a film crew, I film these videos while the family were having their afternoon siesta or when I found some time to myself. I got up with drive and fuelled with motivation to smash out as many videos as I could. I actually brainstormed and set out to produce 24 videos but by the end of the trip I had amassed 32! I just felt liberated from feeling lazy and being bored relaxing by the pool. I was hard on myself, I set targets and goals and if they had been completed then I permitted myself to chill by the bar or watch a poolside movie.


@ Mystery Island Vanuatu!

The seventh day after a day out on the islands, I had an epiphany. This holiday was great, the facilities and the cruise ship were fantastic but the problem was me. I was uneasy, irritated and sluggish. This holiday was a ‘violation’ to my lifestyle, its not the cruise’s fault or the islands, its just that I ‘LET’ myself sleep in later, eat and drink terribly, exercise little and ‘bludge’. I realised that my usual routine hectic back at home was awesome but I love it! Being away from my lifestyle, my business and my usual ‘motions’ were affecting me.


the light behind the clouds of doubt

Eventually the cruise ended, family time had been great as were the beautiful islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia and boy oh boy was eager to get out of the starting blocks and back into the deep water of my Hustle. If felt great to be getting up for the 5:00am morning grind and hustle during a millisecond day; running to meetings, closing deals and pumping content! WOWEE! I felt so good – but yes, my body was sluggish and still has low energy levels and poor ‘match fitness’


Don’t focus on the goal of life, that should always be there but rather you should build a passionate lifestyle that you can be proud of. One where you are always excited to get out of bed to endure and go to bed completely satisfied with what you’ve achieved. It may take a long time but trust me, it’s worth the battle to build because then you’ll always feel like you’re on vacation.

“Don’t build a life, build a lifestyle”