Holiday Epiphany!

I’ve recently returned from a 10 day South Pacific family cruising vacation on one of Royal Caribbean’s big ships – Explorer of the Seas. We were to cruise from Sydney to the islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

I’ll admit the weeks leading up to the trip were bloody hectic, millisecond days every day and I was worked to the bone. The most important part was organising everything to run smoothly while I was gone – including business contracts, billing, marketing and content creation. But come day of the trip, although it was hectic getting onboard and then finally settling in it took me a further 3 days to finally relax and unwind.


Isle of Pines – paradise



Don’t get me wrong the trip was great to spend time with my wife and daughter but I was feeling uneasy and restless. I would see people just lazing around by the pool just sunbaking and sleeping. I just couldn’t do that, I tried but within 5 minutes, I would be on the iPad reading through content from Grant Cardone or Gary Vee. Even when I met people by the pool or at the café, I really enjoyed it and I was able to promote my business ventures and my mission (i.e. To Bulletproof my Lifestyle, remember?) So certainly great.


By the fourth day, I made the decision to produce as much content as I could via videos and articles to make a new series called “Beach Therapy”. I used all my knowledge of video making and production and lighting techniques to film ALL the content – somewhat 32 videos! I didn’t have any help from a film crew, I film these videos while the family were having their afternoon siesta or when I found some time to myself. I got up with drive and fuelled with motivation to smash out as many videos as I could. I actually brainstormed and set out to produce 24 videos but by the end of the trip I had amassed 32! I just felt liberated from feeling lazy and being bored relaxing by the pool. I was hard on myself, I set targets and goals and if they had been completed then I permitted myself to chill by the bar or watch a poolside movie.


@ Mystery Island Vanuatu!

The seventh day after a day out on the islands, I had an epiphany. This holiday was great, the facilities and the cruise ship were fantastic but the problem was me. I was uneasy, irritated and sluggish. This holiday was a ‘violation’ to my lifestyle, its not the cruise’s fault or the islands, its just that I ‘LET’ myself sleep in later, eat and drink terribly, exercise little and ‘bludge’. I realised that my usual routine hectic back at home was awesome but I love it! Being away from my lifestyle, my business and my usual ‘motions’ were affecting me.


the light behind the clouds of doubt

Eventually the cruise ended, family time had been great as were the beautiful islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia and boy oh boy was eager to get out of the starting blocks and back into the deep water of my Hustle. If felt great to be getting up for the 5:00am morning grind and hustle during a millisecond day; running to meetings, closing deals and pumping content! WOWEE! I felt so good – but yes, my body was sluggish and still has low energy levels and poor ‘match fitness’


Don’t focus on the goal of life, that should always be there but rather you should build a passionate lifestyle that you can be proud of. One where you are always excited to get out of bed to endure and go to bed completely satisfied with what you’ve achieved. It may take a long time but trust me, it’s worth the battle to build because then you’ll always feel like you’re on vacation.

“Don’t build a life, build a lifestyle”


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