Are you really paid what your worth?

“I’m not paid enough”

“I have to keep giving discounts so they can buy from me..”

“I’m sick and tired of working like a dog for peanuts”

“I spent 4 years of university study for this?!”


It doesn’t matter what the job, role or occupation you have right now, it matters most the level of income you are being rewarded for your efforts in your own business and your workplace. But for most, they find that their income does not justify the amount of effort, energy, ethic, experience and efficiency (The 5 E’s). BUT! The safety’ of money is what ties people down to their occupation so that it funds their lifestyle and that is what they all want.

office work

Complacency and the fear of both failure and work are what overrides the inner thoughts of one who is underpaid to simply accept the low income and then go to the pub and have a whinge about your earning.

Another interesting thought is that it’s YOU who is the cause of whatever income you’re earning. If you don’t apply 100% to your work and you’re one of those 9 to 5 EXACT working hours If you do not have the 5 E’s mentioned above, then read on!


There is no accurate income figure for each of your occupations but the only ways to increase your chances of convincing a customer to buy an expensive product or convincing the deal with a potential employee is by implementing the 5E’s! (mentioned above)

  • EFFORT – always approach every customer and/or attack your tasks at 120%
  • ENERGY – be enthusiastic, passionate, hungry to learn and be viral
  • ETHIC – operate according to the morals, rules and regulations
  • EXPERIENCE – be ready to learn, train and qualify as much as you can
  • EFFICIENCY – work smart and complete your goals and tasks in a short period of tim
hard hat occupations!



Add value.

@ The Workplace 

Do some research and planning before you’re job interview OR a requested meeting with your management teams. The key point that you must understand is the manager’s intentions, that is, is to find someone who will solve their problem effectively and efficiently in a little amount of time so that they can return to their primary workplace role.

If you can approach the HR, supervisor, manager etc with extreme intent to rule this position, commit to getting outstanding results and performance and deliver a smashing and confident pitch you are well on your way. Who’s to say that the person you’re pitching to you actually initiates the income options straight away? Remember during the meeting, you can announce your income requests and be open to negotiate any terms may it be money, benefits and perks.

Oh, and also a failed attempt to increase your value at the workplace can result in job termination (then you can pursue entrepreneurship…!). Never fear… you hated that job right? Time to move on!

@ Your business

Discounts, bargaining and pitching are all common occurrences in running a business. Some people are absolutely OUT to get a discount! While there are others who won’t even bother looking at the discount – these are the people you need to deal with more!

I remember pitching a high end health product and despite some flurry of discounts requests I continued to explain the most important thing – the reason they came was to fix a problem. I added value and kept doing it till I closed the client.


Dominate your income



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