The Most Important Person in my Entrepreneurial Journey

“Behind every great man is a greater woman”

My wife and I have dated for many years from high school and we got married on the 12/12/12 at 12:10pm (12:12pm would’ve been too perfect right?). During these years it has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows and as I write this post I can honestly say that I absolutely could not imagine any other lady to stand by me on my entrepreneurial journey. The advantage is that we’ve known each other for years and years and have grown up together. We both know everything about each other (sometimes too much haha) and it is awesome to share the same ambitions and goals.

She plays a massive part of my mentality and I’m sure she’s aware that she can easily boost my mood and also send it crashing! We absolutely complement each other even though she deems herself a ‘realist’ and me as an ‘opportunist’ which is great! Can you imagine if I had no limits or logic when pursuing every opportunity?! I remember when I was first starting out in business and earning an income, times were tough. I was working myself ragged with little or lack of financial reward but we sat down and figured out our finances. We would always feel so much better to know that both of us knew the game of our lifestyle and we wanted to dominate no matter what.

promise to support (not our pic)


Bulletproofing my lifestyle is the ‘heartbeat’ of my entrepreneurial journey and this principle pays tribute to my wife and my daughter (and the next kids and future generations) who have been there by my side on my mission from day one. I love it that my wife is a very independent woman who has the ability to dominate whatever she sets her mind to (much like my 2.5 year old daughter!) but much like my parents, there is no way I can ever pay my wife back for the support she has given me. She has trusted and believed in me and has followed me into the gates of the chaos and ‘hell’ and I’m proud to say that we are emerging into great times. I am building a life for my young family that has unlimited and residual cash flow so that we can live a life where we have freedom of choice. As you all know, one of my other principles is regarding anticipation and that furthers on bulletproofing my lifestyle so that should anything happen to me, my family’s culture and lifestyle can still be maintained.


The lesson here folks is the importance of support. I don’t care who it is who is most valuable to you as long as they support and full heartedly criticise you so that you can only improve. People who always ‘sugar coat’ their criticism are not good for you. Pain is the only way to grow so I highly recommend having your support network full-heartedly criticise you and tell you as they see it so that you can grow. Thankfully, my wife is this person and with her support, ambition and criticism, it has only allowed me to amplify my growth as a businessman and entrepreneur. Where would I be without her? Nowhere.

sorta like that sometimes =) =)


Happy 4 years anniversary to my wife! We FORGOT! Facebook reminded us about our anniversary on their memories function! I believe we’ve forgotten about our anniversary because we’ve always valued, enjoyed and celebrated every day together that’s why we’ve become desensitised to anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Thank you my dear wife for standing by me through THICK and THIN and supporting me on my entrepreneurial journey. To our bright future!

Dominate your Life by having strong support.



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