Anything can happen cause I’ve seen anything happen

Whenever you hear someone bad mouth a major celebrity, millionaire or billionaire because of their success, DO not listen to them. You’ll hear things like ‘this person is ‘rorting’ the public’,’this person is dodgy’, ‘yep, definitely drugs’ or ‘he/she was born into wealth’. Those who say this are simply ‘making reasons/excuses’ to personify another who is on a different level, to basically lower that famous, successful person to their level so that they can feel better about themselves. Let’s call this ‘aborting’, as these people who choose to not believe the success that another has achieved.

everyone’s perspective is different

Hey, we’ve all been guilty of ‘aborting’. But over the period that I’ve discovered so much success that there is no easy way, you have to slog through shit, deal with abuse and criticism and of course face rejection and that is why I stopped ‘aborting’ famous and successful people. I understand the journey, I read their story and I learnt their principles. But enough of this negative talk. You are reading this to be inspired. Have you seen someone earn $25,000 in a day? Or rebuild an entire village in a 3rd world country? Or purchase a new Aston Martin? Or purchase a city penthouse? Or re-learn (if that’s a word) to walk after a severe stroke? Or even better, beat cancer?

what does success mean to you?

If you have, then you should be inspired as you realise that anything is possible!!!! For those who haven’t experienced the above, then you need to immerse yourself with people who are DEFEATING IMPOSSIBLE. Once you immerse and experience the presence of successful people in whatever background – health, charity or business then they would have inspired you to act on your goals.

Who you hang out with really drives your success, if you hang out with negative people who offer no enrichment to your life and your mission then I strongly believe its time to make new friends. Here are 2 strategies you can use to help you BELIEVE that IMPOSSIBLE can be defeated:


I’ve discussed this a few times in the past and I stand by these words of advice, to be successful you must be around people who are successful and who want you to be successful. Don’t get me wrong this is not a request to get rid of your friends who you’ve grown up with. However, if you’re still only hanging with old childhood and schooling friends then you really really need to find some new friends. Because this only builds your NETWORTH.

find your herd

What is your networth? It is what your social circle is worth to you in business, value and referrals. No business can ever survive WITHOUT their networth. Period. Creating new relationships should be a standard practice not extra work as it only increases the value of your networth. Think about it, when was the last time one of your social circle contributed to your success, regardless of whether its positive criticism, referral or financial benefit? If no one in your social circle has, then AGAIN – make some new friends.

To reiterate the point, here are the reasons for building your NETWORTH:

  • Increase referrals to your business
  • Increase cash flow to your business
  • Expand awareness of your service or product
  • Exponential business growth
  • Learn and consolidate on new ideas and concepts
  • Current social circle is NOT contributing to your success
  • Current social circle are a bunch of naysayers and dreamsuckers

Alright, I think you’ve got the idea, here are some ideas to grow your network:

  • Join and attend some Meetup groups
    •  If you’re based in Sydney, then I would love to come along to some of the events I’m organising as manager of the Sydney Entrepreneur’s Network – where I will be discussing business concepts and marketing strategies
  • Contact people in your social network who are more successful than you
    • ask for advice and discussion over coffee or lunch – FYI, you’re paying.
  • Position yourself where the successful people (or where your research shows) go:
    • Canvass at the busy local cafe
    • Business & Empowerment seminars and conferences
    • Join the gym
    • Co-working office spaces that you can rent for a day, a week, etc etc.. that is reknowned for having entrepreneurs work


Reading is so important. I remember one of my schooling friends laugh off reading, saying it was for idiots and a ‘waste of time’ – I don’t hang with them anymore.

Reading books is the closest way you can get to a successful person’s thoughts and ideas. It’s important that you devour as many books at your pace provided that you can absorb the teachings; write them down if you need to!

read read read – anywhere!

Some of you will say, hey, I’ve got no time. Well there is time, it’s just that you haven’t recognised the importance of books and hence made it one of your priorities. I’m busy but I make sure I dedicate at least 30 to 60 minutes of reading per day – I split it up while drinking coffee, at lunch, after dinner, hell even while on the ‘throne’! The best part is by having all my books follow me around everywhere, thanks to the ‘Amazon Kindle’ app which is accessible on both my phones and tablet! Sweet!

carry as many ebooks as you want on your device!

Some books I strongly recommend that have helped me in my success:

  • “Screw it just do it” by Sir Richard Branson
  • “10x” & “Sell of be sold” by Grant Cardone
  • “Power to Act” by Dorry Kordahi
  • “Toughen Up: what I learned about surviving tough times” by Sir Michael Hill


Social media mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and my new favourite Snapchat bring you even closer into the lifestyles of those who are successful. By simply ‘Liking’ and ‘Following’ can open up to the dealings, the highs and lows of their life which I’m sure at some point you would be able to relate.


Remember the key of this post is to encourage you to defeat impossible. But to do that, first you have to believe with the utmost certainty that it is possible and to do that you will have to surround yourself with people who have achieved your goals already. Doing this, will allow you to reach greater heights.

Dominate ‘IMPOSSIBLE’, embrace ‘Anything is Possible’





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