One day I’ll be able to say I made it

One day, I’ll make it. My hustle and grind will pay off. That massive opportunity is just around the corner. I just have to keep running, fighting and moving. If I stop, if I quit, then it will all be wasted. Trust me, even with my stubborn headstrong attitude for success and wanting more from my life, I too suffer from occasional complacency and discontent. Is it from my social circle telling me that I’ve already made it and not to be greedy? Is it the ballers and the billionaires flying around with private jets and Rolls Royces that keep pushing me?

Remember that my core approach to my hustle and grind is to ‘BULLETPROOF MY LIFE’, so that I can support and sustain every aspect of my lifestyle so that I can pursue new and exciting prospects and ideas. The truth is my family is what I do this for. Should anything ever happen to me, I want them to be looked after and supported, regardless of my welfare.

I believe when ‘I make it’ is when I’ve got 5+ solid streams of high net income flow coming from 2-3 businesses, business and property investments, a massive 6-figure following on social media, great health, business, marketing and sales speaking opportunities to groups and corporations and more travelling with my family. I want to be the FIRST NAME when people think about health and business and side hustle opportunities. I want to be known to the world. Am I being too ambitious? F!!!KING great! I always set the bar massively high so that I can constantly PUSH MYSELF out of my comfort zone to FIGHT and CHALLENGE myself to new frontiers. Being safe and doing what’s easy and ‘sexy’

does not mean success. But getting in the trenches and doing what’s ugly and painful will lead to success. When I do this, I constantly WIN regardless of the outcome.

I started ‘watchGrant’ because I was sick and tired of living minuscule, I wanted to be a beacon of someone who started small and grew his business, his profile and awareness bigger and bigger so that it will INSPIRE YOU.


How will I do this? BE CONSISTENT. Be consistent with content, networking and pitching. If I choose to sit at my office or at home hiding behind my computer then I will get nowhere. It’s the consistency, persistence and determination that drives me and I have to push push, no BITCHING. One of my greatest inspirations, Grant Cardone says, “Stop living in BITCH MODE, live in RICH MODE”

Just like Gary Vaynerchuk (famous US entrepreneur) taught me through his amazing content, regardless of how many people watch or follow you, all it takes is that ONE person who has the key to your door of massive opportunity that I must stick with. The path to my ambitions above is somewhere there, just around the corner, not far at all I just have to keep running.

Regardless of where you are, have you made it? Are you satisfied with what you’ve done, have you bulletproofed your lifestyle? If you haven’t, then get going. I’ll say this now, you don’t have to quit your day job if you have some sort extenuating circumstances, I want you to expand your horizons, travel more, increase your income, start that side hustle or do that hobby that you’ve wanted to start. DAMN IT, STOP LIVING IN OBSCURITY AND SAFETY. CHALLENGE YOURSELF FOR GREATNESS.


Dominate YOU.


How travel can supercharge your success

luggage to go

“Really?!”, said one of my clients the other day when I was discussing the importance of travel. “I thought you were all about hard work and never resting until you dead!”. Fella has got a point. I am 150% in the hustle and grind, I work my butt off often long hours, sometimes not sleeping at all. It’s not because there’s a problem with my effectiveness, but rather I’m too focused on the project and the tasks that I lose track of time. Despite my mental capacity seemingly lasting so far with my work ethic, I must realise that my effectiveness suffers a lot due to not only mental fatigue but also physical.

overworked and not efficient

Even when I hear my friend’s stories of working late and sometimes ending up sleeping at their office I always reassure them that they are awesome for being so dedicated (or so they can get their bonus or not get fired!) but absolutely silly when it comes down to execution and effectiveness. Remember folks, the crucial factor of working is about OUTCOME. If you have no outcome, then you’ve wasted your time!

I want you to expand your horizons. I want you to rest up and make time to see the world as much as you can. The world is everywhere. You can fly, cruise, drive or walk! It doesn’t matter because in the end, the outcome of your travels are 3-fold!:




1. Meet new people – network

Remember your network is your NETWORTH! To be successful is to have a wide scope of potential clients and referrers to your business. I’m proud to say that with my two primary ventures my network spans many continents including Australia, USA, Singapore and New Zealand! And I’m still targeting exponential growth in my network.

Building connections can be so beneficial to your occupation or to your business and when you travel interstate or overseas, that person you meet at the conference, by the bar or by the pool can potentially be your greatest advisor, client or referrer! Always go out to make new relationships.

travelling connections
the world connection


2. Discover and reflect on yourself – rest

Rest. Working yourself ragged and into the ground is not a great idea. I am all for busting your ass to achieve your goals and dreams by working HARD and there’s the new age mindset of working SMART. But I want you to embrace working EFFECTIVELY.

You gotta agree that if you work long hours then certainly fatigue would set in and your effectiveness in achieving your outcomes is lessened. I’ll admit there sometimes when I’m grinding out some videos or writing posts I may nod off and eventually awaken with some paper on my forehead and drool! Hey I worked hard in this instance but was I effective? Absolutely not. I’d rather go to bed and rise earlier to complete that task refreshed. It’s obvious right? But rarely applied.

travelling to recover and rest


3. Embrace new cultures and ways of life

When i left Port Villa in Vanuatu I learnt so much from my experience in the markets and in town. This experience reminded me of the ways of life in Asia, where people are plying their trade, trying to increase their day’s earnings by being “URGENTLY PATIENT”. They were being patient in their potential customer but they approached the sale urgently and effectively. Now that’s just one experience.

Only through travelling out of your comfort zone or your postcode or your suburb and city can you experience different people and ways of life. Once you’ve experienced it, EMBRACE IT. Fully immerse yourself in that lifestyle.

journey of discovery



I’m not saying you should go holiday mad, binge drinking and spending. But rather make sure you travel with 3 goals in improving your network and networth, enhancing your rest and recovery and allowing you to learn new cultures and ways of life.




Have you ever done this when you got into bed?

Ha ha ha. It’s not what you think, seriously.

bedtime activities

Benjamin Franklin was and still is a national icon of the USA. He was a Founding father of the USA, an innovator, an inventor and a game changer among many other roles he was involved in. This man envisioned concepts and ideas and made them reality. He got things done. Benjamin Franklin would certainly be on top of my ‘Historic icons I want to meet’ list. He inspired me when I read a special bio about his work effectiveness and his ‘What good will I do today’ mentality.

Mr Franklin would start his day at 5:00am and planned his day out in hourly blocks which included lunch and dinner and bedtime at 10pm. You can certainly work work work hard and end up working an 18-20hour day, but Mr Franklin decided to work hard efficiently. The primary question he asked in the morning was ‘what good shall I do today?’ He was already kickstarting his drive by ensuring he utilised his day to be outcome focused. Something we all should be doing. And what he did when he ended the day with supper or bedtime was appreciate ‘the good’ that he did that day. Do you do this? Or do you spend the night dreading tomorrow or complaining about your day.

USA’s Founding Father

Replicate/Be a Pretender.

Remember way back on my YouTube series ‘watchGrant’ episode 5 – ‘Be a Pretender’? My concept was to model someone successful and replicate their motions and technique and apply them to your work to help hasten your success. After reading Mr Franklin’s hustle, I replicated his day planning to a tee. Ok, I didn’t sleep as much as he did but I’ve based my day on his. I WANT TO approach my day positively, by asking myself out loud while brushing my teeth, ‘what awesome things will I do today?’ To commit to attaining amazing outcomes that pushed my barriers and beat my goals and win. Here’s what YOU need to do be highly effective.

The Franklin Hustle

Funnily enough I haven’t seen anyone develop this as a technique! Could I be a pioneer? Hope so. Anyway, study and immerse yourself into these crucial steps if you want to 10x your goals and achieve success whether you’re working for someone or for yourself. The Franklin Hustle involves 6 steps, go tackle them:

1. At the start of your work week, establish what you want to achieve for the next 7 days. Make sure these weekly goals are ALWAYS in your face – write them on a whiteboard, print and stick to your wall etc..

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2. Every evening after dinner or last meal before bedtime spend 15-20 minutes chunking your weekly goals into smaller tasks that go into your day

3. When you get into bed, before you close your eyes to sleep, appreciate everything you done that day whatever the outcome was and promise to do greater things tomorrow.

4. During your morning routine, ask yourself, ‘What good will I do today?’ And remind and review your day goals you planned last night.

5. HUSTLE AND GRIND. Earn your rest.


Mr Franklin’s work built his legacy. Why wouldn’t you model a man who is printed on American currency?!

Mr Franklin’s legacy


Working hard with no outcome or effect is useless. Your daily work must be OUTCOME driven. That’s how you feel satisfied with your day. Working hard with no outcome will only bring your mood down. Effectiveness trumps hard work anyday.

Dominate your day.








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Money can be the ROOT of happiness

I’m sure most of you would’ve grown up hearing that money is the root of unhappiness may it be from your family and friends, religious groups and movies. Although nowaday, traditional bartering is defunct and money would be the sole form of trade. If it is so important then why do people badmouth it? I have two theories (feel free to laugh =))
Theory 1: The rich people centuries ago were greedy.

The notion of just being greedy for money and to take it all for yourself and keep it for yourself is a crime. Let’s say during the time of barons, baroness’, lords and ladys they enjoyed their power from their wealth. Because it separated them from the ‘villages’ and ‘peasants’ and allowed them to rule with influence and power. But some unknown villager suddenly became the world’s first ever entrepreneur and began amassing great wealth and it really peed off the rich and upper class people as this ‘villager’ was leaving their ‘class’ and entering the wealthy. SO what did they do? (Remember, it’s just a theory).

the upper class

They’d probably have this villager executed or sabotaged and then the rich would use their power to pay off mediums of influence – may it be the newspaper, the town crier and cultural leaders to preach that “money is the root of all evil” so that NO ONE would ever encroach on the upper class’ territory. Oh c’mon, you’re agreeing with my theory aren’t you? Makes sense right? This theory came to me when I considered the current methods of some of the super rich who own or have vested interest in newspapers and other social mediums to help badmouth a politician or a country etc etc for their gain. Again, just an idea. Hmm..

Theory 2: People want you to be like them

Legendary entrepreneur and motivational speaker Mr Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” and I agree and disagree but I’ll leave that for another discussion – WE’RE talking money here! Rohn is talking about how your social circle influences how you work and function and specifically your five special people. These people could be your family, cultural figures, friends and colleagues.

Your social circle or these ‘five people’ would commonly agree that ‘MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING’ so don’t be ‘GREEDY’. Just be happy with what you have and who you are. Have you heard these stupid lines? Oh and another is, ‘it’s too hard’, ‘there’s too many risks’ or ‘it’s impossible’. So you see that your social circle are firstly applying negativity to your thoughts and dreams of wealth and success. They are doing it not cause they care (they think they do) but they do it unknowingly to make sure you stay ‘LEVEL’ with them!

The next thing they’d do is to verbally bash the wealthy. ‘Ms billionaire is a crook’. ‘He/she just inherited money’. ‘They got lucky’. ‘Yep, definitely a drug dealer’. You’re nodding your head right? It all makes sense right?! They talk crap about the wealthy to ‘humanise’ these people to lower their achievements so that these people who have achieved less can feel better about themselves. Yes. It’s true. I’m sure I’ve done it many times. Not anymore though.

money money money

But you see? Even if you’ve started to become ‘Unplugged’ ( and are able to shake off ‘loser’ thinking your five special people will swoop in and reduce or SUCK you back down to social norms and keep you there. And then they downplay successful people, people who would be your major influences. If you can break free of this phase, well done but keep in mind, these dreamsuckers and naysayers will always be around, no matter what phase you’re in on your entrepreneural journey.



Folks, money is a tool not a weapon. You see the negative people say money is a weapon, but hey wait, they need it to buy their groceries, their petrol and their lotto right? Money is a tool, it can be a weapon but only if you let it be. Having more money means you have more tools, or your effectiveness is a lot more increased by the power of your money.

What is Healthy Money?

I really shouldn’t have to apply a positive word in front but in the case of my two theories above, I have to. Healthy Money is where money is completely satisfying your physical, mental and social side. Just like the definition of health which isn’t only talking about the physical side but also includes your social and mental side too. Folks, I’m a Podiatrist remember? I had to plug health somewhere!

Physical : the Act. The act of building your cash flow, your wealth. It is also the act of using your money to help others; going out to meet people who aren’t doing so well and giving them support – from donating money, equipment, shelter or your time.

Mental : the drive. Your passion and your mission. Being satisfied in this area comes when you’ve dragged yourself through  crap and garbage and you’ve emerged a winner who is better, faster and stronger. An ongoing mental health stimulation is to continue to build more wealth and to preach your success methods to others. That is why I do what I do.

Social : your network. Once you’ve found your new five special people who will help supercharge and support your mission, you will continue to keep building your social circle. I think the social health is such an important factor as this is the one that can keep you well in the physical and mental health and money health.

learn learn learn

5 ways to STOP having UNHEALTHY MONEY

1. Money circulates – gain or lose money, it is your job to keep gaining more money and to ANTICIPATE losing money in bills etc. Trust me, if you can understand this then it satisfies mental money health!)

2. Help others – using your money to help people who aren’t doing well will certainly satisfy your physical, mental and social health. That’s why it’s so important to help. Money isn’t always about you.

3. Grow your wealth – how? By having multiple streams of income to bulletproof your lifestyle.

4. Make new friends – reach out and make new friends who are on the same mission or who are more successful than you

5. Learn – read books, watch videos and follow major influencers to see how they invest their money. The goal here is to rewire your brain to think more about having healthy money and that wanting more isn’t a bad thing. It’s a choice.

Dominate your Money. 


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