Money can be the ROOT of happiness

I’m sure most of you would’ve grown up hearing that money is the root of unhappiness may it be from your family and friends, religious groups and movies. Although nowaday, traditional bartering is defunct and money would be the sole form of trade. If it is so important then why do people badmouth it? I have two theories (feel free to laugh =))
Theory 1: The rich people centuries ago were greedy.

The notion of just being greedy for money and to take it all for yourself and keep it for yourself is a crime. Let’s say during the time of barons, baroness’, lords and ladys they enjoyed their power from their wealth. Because it separated them from the ‘villages’ and ‘peasants’ and allowed them to rule with influence and power. But some unknown villager suddenly became the world’s first ever entrepreneur and began amassing great wealth and it really peed off the rich and upper class people as this ‘villager’ was leaving their ‘class’ and entering the wealthy. SO what did they do? (Remember, it’s just a theory).

the upper class

They’d probably have this villager executed or sabotaged and then the rich would use their power to pay off mediums of influence – may it be the newspaper, the town crier and cultural leaders to preach that “money is the root of all evil” so that NO ONE would ever encroach on the upper class’ territory. Oh c’mon, you’re agreeing with my theory aren’t you? Makes sense right? This theory came to me when I considered the current methods of some of the super rich who own or have vested interest in newspapers and other social mediums to help badmouth a politician or a country etc etc for their gain. Again, just an idea. Hmm..

Theory 2: People want you to be like them

Legendary entrepreneur and motivational speaker Mr Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” and I agree and disagree but I’ll leave that for another discussion – WE’RE talking money here! Rohn is talking about how your social circle influences how you work and function and specifically your five special people. These people could be your family, cultural figures, friends and colleagues.

Your social circle or these ‘five people’ would commonly agree that ‘MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING’ so don’t be ‘GREEDY’. Just be happy with what you have and who you are. Have you heard these stupid lines? Oh and another is, ‘it’s too hard’, ‘there’s too many risks’ or ‘it’s impossible’. So you see that your social circle are firstly applying negativity to your thoughts and dreams of wealth and success. They are doing it not cause they care (they think they do) but they do it unknowingly to make sure you stay ‘LEVEL’ with them!

The next thing they’d do is to verbally bash the wealthy. ‘Ms billionaire is a crook’. ‘He/she just inherited money’. ‘They got lucky’. ‘Yep, definitely a drug dealer’. You’re nodding your head right? It all makes sense right?! They talk crap about the wealthy to ‘humanise’ these people to lower their achievements so that these people who have achieved less can feel better about themselves. Yes. It’s true. I’m sure I’ve done it many times. Not anymore though.

money money money

But you see? Even if you’ve started to become ‘Unplugged’ ( and are able to shake off ‘loser’ thinking your five special people will swoop in and reduce or SUCK you back down to social norms and keep you there. And then they downplay successful people, people who would be your major influences. If you can break free of this phase, well done but keep in mind, these dreamsuckers and naysayers will always be around, no matter what phase you’re in on your entrepreneural journey.



Folks, money is a tool not a weapon. You see the negative people say money is a weapon, but hey wait, they need it to buy their groceries, their petrol and their lotto right? Money is a tool, it can be a weapon but only if you let it be. Having more money means you have more tools, or your effectiveness is a lot more increased by the power of your money.

What is Healthy Money?

I really shouldn’t have to apply a positive word in front but in the case of my two theories above, I have to. Healthy Money is where money is completely satisfying your physical, mental and social side. Just like the definition of health which isn’t only talking about the physical side but also includes your social and mental side too. Folks, I’m a Podiatrist remember? I had to plug health somewhere!

Physical : the Act. The act of building your cash flow, your wealth. It is also the act of using your money to help others; going out to meet people who aren’t doing so well and giving them support – from donating money, equipment, shelter or your time.

Mental : the drive. Your passion and your mission. Being satisfied in this area comes when you’ve dragged yourself through  crap and garbage and you’ve emerged a winner who is better, faster and stronger. An ongoing mental health stimulation is to continue to build more wealth and to preach your success methods to others. That is why I do what I do.

Social : your network. Once you’ve found your new five special people who will help supercharge and support your mission, you will continue to keep building your social circle. I think the social health is such an important factor as this is the one that can keep you well in the physical and mental health and money health.

learn learn learn

5 ways to STOP having UNHEALTHY MONEY

1. Money circulates – gain or lose money, it is your job to keep gaining more money and to ANTICIPATE losing money in bills etc. Trust me, if you can understand this then it satisfies mental money health!)

2. Help others – using your money to help people who aren’t doing well will certainly satisfy your physical, mental and social health. That’s why it’s so important to help. Money isn’t always about you.

3. Grow your wealth – how? By having multiple streams of income to bulletproof your lifestyle.

4. Make new friends – reach out and make new friends who are on the same mission or who are more successful than you

5. Learn – read books, watch videos and follow major influencers to see how they invest their money. The goal here is to rewire your brain to think more about having healthy money and that wanting more isn’t a bad thing. It’s a choice.

Dominate your Money. 


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