Have you ever done this when you got into bed?

Ha ha ha. It’s not what you think, seriously.

bedtime activities

Benjamin Franklin was and still is a national icon of the USA. He was a Founding father of the USA, an innovator, an inventor and a game changer among many other roles he was involved in. This man envisioned concepts and ideas and made them reality. He got things done. Benjamin Franklin would certainly be on top of my ‘Historic icons I want to meet’ list. He inspired me when I read a special bio about his work effectiveness and his ‘What good will I do today’ mentality.

Mr Franklin would start his day at 5:00am and planned his day out in hourly blocks which included lunch and dinner and bedtime at 10pm. You can certainly work work work hard and end up working an 18-20hour day, but Mr Franklin decided to work hard efficiently. The primary question he asked in the morning was ‘what good shall I do today?’ He was already kickstarting his drive by ensuring he utilised his day to be outcome focused. Something we all should be doing. And what he did when he ended the day with supper or bedtime was appreciate ‘the good’ that he did that day. Do you do this? Or do you spend the night dreading tomorrow or complaining about your day.

USA’s Founding Father

Replicate/Be a Pretender.

Remember way back on my YouTube series ‘watchGrant’ episode 5 – ‘Be a Pretender’? My concept was to model someone successful and replicate their motions and technique and apply them to your work to help hasten your success. After reading Mr Franklin’s hustle, I replicated his day planning to a tee. Ok, I didn’t sleep as much as he did but I’ve based my day on his. I WANT TO approach my day positively, by asking myself out loud while brushing my teeth, ‘what awesome things will I do today?’ To commit to attaining amazing outcomes that pushed my barriers and beat my goals and win. Here’s what YOU need to do be highly effective.

The Franklin Hustle

Funnily enough I haven’t seen anyone develop this as a technique! Could I be a pioneer? Hope so. Anyway, study and immerse yourself into these crucial steps if you want to 10x your goals and achieve success whether you’re working for someone or for yourself. The Franklin Hustle involves 6 steps, go tackle them:

1. At the start of your work week, establish what you want to achieve for the next 7 days. Make sure these weekly goals are ALWAYS in your face – write them on a whiteboard, print and stick to your wall etc..

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2. Every evening after dinner or last meal before bedtime spend 15-20 minutes chunking your weekly goals into smaller tasks that go into your day

3. When you get into bed, before you close your eyes to sleep, appreciate everything you done that day whatever the outcome was and promise to do greater things tomorrow.

4. During your morning routine, ask yourself, ‘What good will I do today?’ And remind and review your day goals you planned last night.

5. HUSTLE AND GRIND. Earn your rest.


Mr Franklin’s work built his legacy. Why wouldn’t you model a man who is printed on American currency?!

Mr Franklin’s legacy


Working hard with no outcome or effect is useless. Your daily work must be OUTCOME driven. That’s how you feel satisfied with your day. Working hard with no outcome will only bring your mood down. Effectiveness trumps hard work anyday.

Dominate your day.








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