How travel can supercharge your success

luggage to go

“Really?!”, said one of my clients the other day when I was discussing the importance of travel. “I thought you were all about hard work and never resting until you dead!”. Fella has got a point. I am 150% in the hustle and grind, I work my butt off often long hours, sometimes not sleeping at all. It’s not because there’s a problem with my effectiveness, but rather I’m too focused on the project and the tasks that I lose track of time. Despite my mental capacity seemingly lasting so far with my work ethic, I must realise that my effectiveness suffers a lot due to not only mental fatigue but also physical.

overworked and not efficient

Even when I hear my friend’s stories of working late and sometimes ending up sleeping at their office I always reassure them that they are awesome for being so dedicated (or so they can get their bonus or not get fired!) but absolutely silly when it comes down to execution and effectiveness. Remember folks, the crucial factor of working is about OUTCOME. If you have no outcome, then you’ve wasted your time!

I want you to expand your horizons. I want you to rest up and make time to see the world as much as you can. The world is everywhere. You can fly, cruise, drive or walk! It doesn’t matter because in the end, the outcome of your travels are 3-fold!:




1. Meet new people – network

Remember your network is your NETWORTH! To be successful is to have a wide scope of potential clients and referrers to your business. I’m proud to say that with my two primary ventures my network spans many continents including Australia, USA, Singapore and New Zealand! And I’m still targeting exponential growth in my network.

Building connections can be so beneficial to your occupation or to your business and when you travel interstate or overseas, that person you meet at the conference, by the bar or by the pool can potentially be your greatest advisor, client or referrer! Always go out to make new relationships.

travelling connections
the world connection


2. Discover and reflect on yourself – rest

Rest. Working yourself ragged and into the ground is not a great idea. I am all for busting your ass to achieve your goals and dreams by working HARD and there’s the new age mindset of working SMART. But I want you to embrace working EFFECTIVELY.

You gotta agree that if you work long hours then certainly fatigue would set in and your effectiveness in achieving your outcomes is lessened. I’ll admit there sometimes when I’m grinding out some videos or writing posts I may nod off and eventually awaken with some paper on my forehead and drool! Hey I worked hard in this instance but was I effective? Absolutely not. I’d rather go to bed and rise earlier to complete that task refreshed. It’s obvious right? But rarely applied.

travelling to recover and rest


3. Embrace new cultures and ways of life

When i left Port Villa in Vanuatu I learnt so much from my experience in the markets and in town. This experience reminded me of the ways of life in Asia, where people are plying their trade, trying to increase their day’s earnings by being “URGENTLY PATIENT”. They were being patient in their potential customer but they approached the sale urgently and effectively. Now that’s just one experience.

Only through travelling out of your comfort zone or your postcode or your suburb and city can you experience different people and ways of life. Once you’ve experienced it, EMBRACE IT. Fully immerse yourself in that lifestyle.

journey of discovery



I’m not saying you should go holiday mad, binge drinking and spending. But rather make sure you travel with 3 goals in improving your network and networth, enhancing your rest and recovery and allowing you to learn new cultures and ways of life.




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