One day I’ll be able to say I made it

One day, I’ll make it. My hustle and grind will pay off. That massive opportunity is just around the corner. I just have to keep running, fighting and moving. If I stop, if I quit, then it will all be wasted. Trust me, even with my stubborn headstrong attitude for success and wanting more from my life, I too suffer from occasional complacency and discontent. Is it from my social circle telling me that I’ve already made it and not to be greedy? Is it the ballers and the billionaires flying around with private jets and Rolls Royces that keep pushing me?

Remember that my core approach to my hustle and grind is to ‘BULLETPROOF MY LIFE’, so that I can support and sustain every aspect of my lifestyle so that I can pursue new and exciting prospects and ideas. The truth is my family is what I do this for. Should anything ever happen to me, I want them to be looked after and supported, regardless of my welfare.

I believe when ‘I make it’ is when I’ve got 5+ solid streams of high net income flow coming from 2-3 businesses, business and property investments, a massive 6-figure following on social media, great health, business, marketing and sales speaking opportunities to groups and corporations and more travelling with my family. I want to be the FIRST NAME when people think about health and business and side hustle opportunities. I want to be known to the world. Am I being too ambitious? F!!!KING great! I always set the bar massively high so that I can constantly PUSH MYSELF out of my comfort zone to FIGHT and CHALLENGE myself to new frontiers. Being safe and doing what’s easy and ‘sexy’

does not mean success. But getting in the trenches and doing what’s ugly and painful will lead to success. When I do this, I constantly WIN regardless of the outcome.

I started ‘watchGrant’ because I was sick and tired of living minuscule, I wanted to be a beacon of someone who started small and grew his business, his profile and awareness bigger and bigger so that it will INSPIRE YOU.


How will I do this? BE CONSISTENT. Be consistent with content, networking and pitching. If I choose to sit at my office or at home hiding behind my computer then I will get nowhere. It’s the consistency, persistence and determination that drives me and I have to push push, no BITCHING. One of my greatest inspirations, Grant Cardone says, “Stop living in BITCH MODE, live in RICH MODE”

Just like Gary Vaynerchuk (famous US entrepreneur) taught me through his amazing content, regardless of how many people watch or follow you, all it takes is that ONE person who has the key to your door of massive opportunity that I must stick with. The path to my ambitions above is somewhere there, just around the corner, not far at all I just have to keep running.

Regardless of where you are, have you made it? Are you satisfied with what you’ve done, have you bulletproofed your lifestyle? If you haven’t, then get going. I’ll say this now, you don’t have to quit your day job if you have some sort extenuating circumstances, I want you to expand your horizons, travel more, increase your income, start that side hustle or do that hobby that you’ve wanted to start. DAMN IT, STOP LIVING IN OBSCURITY AND SAFETY. CHALLENGE YOURSELF FOR GREATNESS.


Dominate YOU.


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