The Truth about your Enemy. 


Say what? I have an enemy? Yes, we all have an enemy. The enemy is YOURSELF. Your mind. It’s the one that can destroy your mojo, your drive and work mentality. Your mind from a young age to where you are now has been conditioned by those around you, it has either attempted to sabotage or has elevated your success.

Your enemy enjoys blaming others too! It attempts to hide away from failure or bad times to help preserve it’s control over you so you can remain living ‘safe’ and not able to advance yourself. If you’re unhappy with your occupation, your pay then your enemy will simply blame your management, office politics, bills and even your dog! Let’s be clear here, you are where you are because of YOU. You applied for the job, got the job and continued to do the job. Am I right? There is no one else to blame than you.

who’s to blame?


If you are overweight and you’ve tried crash diets, supplements and ultimate exercise plans with no result then don’t blame anyone but you. You hired the trainer, you bought the supplements and you studied the diets. If you can understand that this is your doing and you take responsibility for it then it will allow you to grow. Trust me, you will think on higher levels because you have told yourself that ONLY YOU can dig you out of this ‘hole’ you’re in. You may conduct more research about your next personal trainer or eating plans and execute that better.


I strongly believe that ‘fear’ is one of the major drivers of your enemy. Fear of overworking, rejection, criticism or failure drives your enemy to inflict damage on your success. I know very well.

A while ago, I ran a promotion for a special occasion and had made up some special gift certificates which unfortunatey had sales levels low. I’ll admit it was a last minute idea and I wanted to ride a trend and I spend about 10 days promoting it. I used social media, within my office space and my clients. I took a chance and made a little profit. But for the time and monetary investment I had to sell more. I was running out of time and the trending special occassion was happening soon so I hustled. I walked door to door of retail stores looking to sell off my remaining products. It was a daunting task and obviously my enemy reared its head out and began pumping me with FEAR. Fear of rejection and fear of embarrassment were drilled into my head, my ears and my body. But I ‘centred’ myself and visualised my success and the absolute need to do this not only for sales but for me to break my enemy. I had to. It was my fault for this result. It wasn’t my wife’s or company’s fault. I had to take responsibility. I added extreme value to the task, I made it as if it was a ‘LIFE OR DEATH situation.

Thinking back I had about 11 certificates remaining and I had 3 different pricing levels. I approached 12 stores and I sold only three certificates. Two were worth $49 while the other was worth $349. Everytime I delivered my pitch and was rejected, I kept refining the pitch and noting down the reasoning behind refusal to purchase. I learnt every single time. And the more I exercised this muscle, the more I dominated my fear. In a space of approximately 80 minutes, I successfully closed 3 deals equaling $447. Not bad. But the WIN was that I challenged myself to open myself up for rejection, embarrassment and work. I won. I was bloody physically, mentally and socially exhausted. I had never done anything like this. But I pushed myself and overcame MY ENEMY.

ever taken a deeper a look of yourself?


Dominate you. Forget the naysayers and the dream suckers. Their words should not hurt you but they can influence you. By allowing yourself to listen to their words you can ultimately condition your way of thinking either in a positive or negative way. But if you can actively filter out any rubbish you are told and learn how to lock up your enemy and throw away the key then you need to do these 3 things:

1. IMMERSE yourself in your mission

You must not forget the “WHY” of what you do. It is the WHY and WHAT which drives your success. If you forget the mission then you’ve lost. Whether the goal is to increase cash flow, get fit or get promoted, you must IMMERSE yourself in this. Surround yourself with your strategic success plan, hints and reminders of your mission, you can do this by having phone reminders, wall posters and computer wallpapers. Whatever. You do whatever it takes to STICK TO YOUR MISSION.


Kill your fear. You must understand your fear and keep it close to your heart. I want you to actively say your fear in front of the mirror – see yourself admitting the fear. I want you to be hard on yourself and see yourself as a silly fool for having this fear. I want you to move your body, clap, shout and jump – mix in physical psyching up. Basically shake out your fears. Be angry at your fears but be excited about the amazing things you’re going to do for success. You’ll do whatever it takes.

This is how I start my day. Before I step out of my bathroom and head off to attack my day, I always psych myself up in front of the mirror.


So you’ve got the plan, you’ve psyched yourself up and now you MUST execute. You must complete the mission. VISUALISE and create value to the task. Create urgency and importance by imagining whatever is most important to you in your life is in jeopardy. I always use visualisation of my life at risk, disappointment from my wife and daughter or my business will collapse if I don’t do this. Yes, I’m being hard on myself but if I don’t create a sense of urgency and absolutely NEED to do then I won’t crush the task and the fear.
Are you finding this quite intense? Good. It’s supposed to be. I want you to finish this article feeling pumped and nervous about doing the above 3 steps. YOU MUST DO WHATEVER IT TAKES. Stop living oppressed, safe and comfortable. Embrace your dreams by kicking the shit out of your fear. You are where you are because of you, not anyone else. Take responsibility.




The heavy darkness and the ‘ball and chain’ attached to your ankle makes you drag your feet as you step closer and closer. Palms get sweater, breathing becomes shallow, your heart beat may speed up, muscles and ‘knees’ weaken  and diarrhoea beckons. You are suffering from FEAR.

We are suffer from fear. May it be fear of rejection, fear of criticism, fear of animals or heights! What are your fears? Do you agree that fears hold you back?

I find fear quite fascinating in that it makes such a massive impact to one’s body system, it’s as if fear is a virus to your body, destroying it from the inside and holding you back from achieving many things in life. Your body is operating in different levels when you are in FEAR mode and the typical response is whether your ‘Fight or Flight’, this means you either fight your way through the fear of potential harm or you take flight and get the hell away from this potential harm. I also like to call this concept as FIGHTER MODE VS SURVIVAL MODE.

[Please note that this article is tailored towards personal and business development however the concepts explained here can be applied to bungee jumping, holding spiders and flying on planes.]

Fear is the door in the way of your success


I remember when I was a young kid my family dog Lucky had ran away usually pursuing another dog or some fun. He’d usually return after 1-2 days and we’d all breathe a sigh of relief. But not this time. He hadn’t returned for several days now and we were fearing the worse. Dad organised a search party and door knocking. I remember I sabotaged Dad’s search tactics for me which was to go door knocking the whole block. I found some bullshit excuse to not go (it’s been so long ago, I can’t remember how I sabotaged it!), simply because I was scared, I was fearful. My Dad didn’t know that I hadn’t done what he had set out and I remember it was on a Tuesday that he had discovered I hadn’t gone door knocking and he looked me in the eye and called me a ‘coward’. He shook his head and walked away. He was disgusted. Well, that’s how I played it out on my mind.

I was a coward! How much did Lucky mean to me? He was lost. He could’ve been run over by a car or worse! He was family and because of  my apparent Fear of Rejection, I was allowing ‘family’ to be in danger. So it spurred me on to face my fears and go door knocking. I was fuelled by the need to find Lucky and of course the sheer disappointment and the words ‘coward’ spoken by Dad.

This event changed my life. It really did. I’m not some coward bitch. I choose FIGHT all the time. I choose to FIGHT to survive not RUN to survive.

From this understanding, my nervous system’s ability to go straight to FIGHT mode has helped me to dominate such activities as :

  • conducting cold calls
  • go door knocking
  • selling vouchers, coupons and products to businesses
  • meet new people – networking
  • listen and absorb criticism
  • do public speaking


Fear is subjective, it’s your perception and your own thoughts that develops fear. Your thoughts of whatever situation you’re in kick-starts your fight or flight response which means you’re already in FEAR mode. Stop manufacturing bullshit ideas about a situation, a task or an event. These thoughts are killing your growth in life and the amazing potential success you can have, if only you can conquer your fears.

You made this. You build a door that stops you from achieving success. Could your success be making more money by asking for a promotion or raise from your manager? Could your success be that you closed a $10,000 deal by making a cold call? Could your success be that you’ve lost weight, got fit and competed in bodybuilding competitions?

Just imagine for one tick that you were able to smash through that ‘door’ of fear and embrace that challenge and achieving success! How good does that feel? Isn’t it worth embracing the fighter response and continue to pursue success? You see how much your mind plays on your mind and completely wrecks it by applying fear?

You must understand your fear. Do you fear rejection, criticism, terrorism, death, loss of loved ones, failure or your health? Fear shouldn’t be so negative, I’d rather see fear as a trigger or a reason to dominate your life. You see, if you fear rejection and you choose to confront it by making that cold call or doing effective canvassing then you’ve already won, you’ve dominated your fears. The sale is a bonus!

conquer your fears!


  1. Write down your dream goal and describe how you’d feel achieving this
  2. Write down a strategic plan to achieving your goals. Remember you must chunk them down to smaller tasks which also overcomes your fears. (need help planning your goals? [ CLICK HERE for my FREE goal planner : ]
  3. Describe what you’re fearing
    • Identify what exactly you’re afraid of
    • How did you generate this?
  4. Declaration
    • Film or record yourself declaring your fear(s) and how you came about it
    • Film or record yourself how silly your fear is and how it is holding you back from great success. Repeat loudly, ‘Fears are all in my head. I’m the boss NOT my fears’
    • Film or record yourself speaking about being grateful for your life, family, skills, opportunities etc..
    • Make sure you are in FIGHTER MODE and pumped for change, hell even do 20 push-ups or 5 minutes of shadow boxing – just to massive increase your adrenaline (a hormone very useful for ‘pumping you up’!)
  5. Apply your strategic plan and goals immediately
    • Facilitate your recent confrontations with your fears by backing it up with actions you wrote down on your plan.
Challenge yourself every single day

Stop leaving in fear. Embrace your fear and let it drive you to success.



P.S.: I would love to discuss your fears and help you overcome them. Please fill the box below and I’ll be in touch =).

If you want to be successful, you must have this essential trait…

If you or someone else has been keeping busy talking about success and how they’re GONNA achieve it and continue to do that for a long period of time then they lack the most important trait for success. What is that trait?

The powerful trait is ‘Hustler’. I define HUSTLE as maximising every second of the day to ethically doing whatever it takes to achieving your goals. Do you have this personality? This character trait? Look, success is a broad term and is always paired up with business, occupation, exercise and/or finances so if you’re someone who dreams about being successful in whatever thing you choose to do, you won’t be able to achieve it without having the power of the hustle.

How Grant found his groove

I had made a few major life decisions a few years ago and they were shitball defied logic (if that makes sense). But although my investments in business and finance were a tad bit risky, I took the opportunity anyway. I basically dove into a situation where I will be challenged and definitely be backed against the wall – my friends and some family advised to delay these decisions but I embrace opportunities and challenges and I committed.

A million things happened straight after, meetings upon meetings, bills upon bills and bad times upon stressful times. Boy oh boy, it really felt like I was a boxer trapped in the corner of the ring and getting repeatedly pummelled with no reprieve.

It was a dark time. I still shudder when I think back about it. I remember just sitting in my car and feeling awfully flat. People know me as always being enthusiastic but I was putting up a show. What was I to do? My parents never gave up when they left war torn Vietnam looking for FREEDOM. C’mon. This isn’t life or death situation is it? Can things be that bad? Yes. Do I give up? F*ck no. I’m not built for this whinging shit.

I could either choose to feed the black burden monster who was sitting on my shoulders weighing me down by continuing to apply more attention to it OR, refuse to and direct my attention to what the hell I could do about it. I got myself here, I have to dig myself out. Only I can do what I want to do. I simply changed the wording of my thoughts from ‘I can’t….’ to ‘How can I…?’

Fight or Flight kicked in. I unleashed my inner groove/my Hustle and Grinder personality with the help of Mr Grant Cardone, Mr Tony Robbins and Mr Gary Vee who helped me open my eyes wider when it came to success in business. TO be successful you must HUSTLE, yes. But it’s all about how good you are with coping and dealing with any situation. That’s how you will be remembered for.

Dragonball Z’s Vegeta – RAGE!

BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. I powered back and I ‘jabbed jabbed, right hooked’ the black burden monster in the left and then the right cheek. He crumbled. The sheer force of my FIGHT systems knocked him out cold. I RAGED AND CHARGED UP and I defeated my negative voices and my problems. Each jab and each hook was a phone call or a visit to a potential referrer or a potential joint venture. I kept attacking my problems by hustling. I did whatever it took to win. I pushed myself. I challenged myself and forced myself to step out of my safety zone to put myself out vulnerable to a potential client. It was worth it. I made videos, I wrote blogs, I did public speaking, I networked and best of all, I wrote for physical media such as newspapers and magazine articles. I wanted to be everywhere. Uncle G (Grant Cardone) preaches that if you must dominate your niche by being OMNIPRESENT. Be absolutely everywhere. I wanted to be the first and only name people thought of when it came to health, marketing and small business.


You see its easy to say that you hustle and grind. But a hustler absolutely cannot be a hustler from no motivation nor drive. You must have some incredible powerful need to achieve this objective and you’ll automatically do whatever it takes. For me, nowadays with my wife and daughter, my business, my investments, it’s all about ‘Bulletproofing my lifestyle’. Bulletproofing my lifestyle means that I’m always able to sustain my lifestyle and to have the ability to choose to do whatever the hell I wanted.

My hustle.


How you can find your HUSTLE MUSCLE

Thank you for reading my story. I never want to ever go back there ever again. However, I sometimes revisit these memories to not pain me, but to absolutely freaking drive me for greatness. So I can fight for my right to financial freedom and to open up my life to choices. How can you find yours? Ask yourself these 3 questions. Please actively write them down on paper or your hand, even your forehead! (I kid!).

  1. DIRECTION – What do you really want?
  2. STRATEGY & ANTICIPATION – What do I need to do to achieve this goal?
  3. REWARD – Describe what it would be like to achieve what you want



I made a DOMINATE 2017 GOAL PLANNER. It’s free. There’s absolutely no catch. I want you to achieve the greatest levels of success. Because you deserve too. Everyone does. You just don’t know it yet. Download it and let the planner help you run your hustle!





Only YOU can get what you WANT.


As you read this article, are you also watching tv or bludging? I certainly hope not. I hope you’re reading this article during your short work break. GET OFF YOUR ASS and WORK for your goals and dreams. Geezus.

No matter what your aspirations are only you can do it. There is no argument about this. No one in this world knows your dreams best than you. If someone has to do it for you then you’ve short changed yourself. Mummy, Daddy or any of your friends and family won’t do it for you. Even if they did, it won’t be the same. You see it’s not just about achieving the end goal but rather success if also about the journey too. So you must embrace the nature of the journey and the end goal.


I’m a middle child in my family. I won’t go into family specifics but I suffered from ‘middle-child syndrome’ and I always felt insecure and inferior. Yes, it’s true. When it came to school, exercise, chores and martial arts I always felt that I had to take a step back and allow those who were higher in the pecking order (my brother) sit higher.

I remember reading my school reports and despite good and high grades I was always frustrated with the comments from my teachers that I had ‘a lot of potential’. What was wrong with me? Sometimes I actually believed that my dad had paid my teachers to keep saying ‘potential’ to me! Crazily enough I went through school from kindergarten to my early years of university to realise WHAT THE HELL! F**K! Yep, it took that long to actually embrace the concept of breaking open that ‘box’ which stored my potential.

It came when I started my business and I worked as a contractor as a Podiatrist for another business and worked under someone. I learnt so much there – A LOT. It was a great experience in terms of practising my art but understanding their  business mechanics and people management was horrible. Stupidly enough I stuck around for almost 6 years! When I informed them of my resignation I was shaking with my adrenalin pumping. I remember I had no car as my wife had taken it so I had to walk 10 minutes in the light drizzle of rain to the train station with my backpack and I felt liberated – much like Tim Robbins in one of my all time favourite movies called “The Shawshank Redemption”. In case you haven’t seen it I won’t divulge too much of the story but here’s a picture!


Shawshank Redemption – a must watch movie!


From then on, I kickstarted my own practice, I experienced the highs and lows of business and the pressure to keep my ‘oxygen’ – cash flow sustained and steady. In a space of 4-6 months, I had doubled my income by building joint ventures, networking, marketing and embracing social media. It has been a long journey it really really has. However, it’s absolutely not the money that is my success but my journey and the legacy that I am creating in pursuit of my goals. If I was satisfied with my cash flow from selling my time as a Podiatrist, why would I pursue my latest venture “WATCHGRANT”?

Because I STILL BELIEVE that my ‘invisible teachers’ are saying that I still haven’t tapped my FULL POTENTIAL. I am so much more capable. I have 10x goals. I want to have multiple streams of income sending me six to seven figures a week. Why? Yes because if I’m not greedy I won’t be able to sustain my lifestyle, my business and my team. If I can’t bulletproof the foundations of my life HOW ON EARTH can I pursue new avenues? Y’know what one of my biggest dream is? To provide motivational speaking and coaching for our youth in high school and university. They are our future generations – teach and coach them well then our world’s economic and environment is always going to be bright. But only I CAN DO THAT. I’ll have help of course. But ultimately, I have to steer the ship at first.



Turn off the tv, turn off the games and stop lazing around. Stop bitching about where your life is and stop blaming others. You are where you are because of YOU. No one else. You must declare that your future is decided by you. If you want to be great then you must do great things.


Dreaming is thinking. Dreaming allows your potential to stay stored. ACT! Write down what you want on paper, the wall, the toilet, your phone wherever! Then chunk it down into goals! Understanding what you want is crucial to your success. Most of the time, people don’t even know themselves!

Remember your goals should be aimed at improving YOU. Doing what’s great in creating MORE CASH FLOW, where it be starting your business, improving your customer traffic or fast-tracking your way up the corporate, business ladder.

Check out my special FREE download to GOAL SUCCESS:


As you start out building your new income stream you’d be on your own on this. Understand that this new rollercoaster you’re on is much more scary but you must anticipate this! Be urgently patient [INSERT LINK!]. Conduct your business or your corporate position at 200% levels with complete work and team ethic. Dominate your space and make your name heard and remembered.

To do this, you must combine your goals with strategies and anticipated outcomes (my FREE Download to GOAL success has all of this inbuilt! Absolutely no catch! Just do well!)


Once you’ve trialled your strategies and have developed a system for the way you conduct, it’s time to recruit valuable people who would only ADD massive value to your strategies and systems. If you’re in the corporate world then you need to network and improve your team morale so that you all function at 200%.

The general idea is to improve efficiency and effectiveness in generating more income OR complete corporate projects before the deadline!


Keep refining your goals, strategies and systems. Rinse and repeat till your role is simply innovate and improve the function of your business or your national/regional team! That’s right you read me! This is the time when you can pursue new projects and challenges while your super A-team keep your other ventures/projects going.

who will be in your A-team?


If you do little and what’s easy. You get little.

If you do great things that’s NOT easy, you get little and you get MASSIVE.

You can choose to live a life where you’re comfortable. DO you. I want more and more because I get to push myself, challenge myself to do amazing things and GET rid of that “Grant’s got potential” shit. I want to own and dominate my space.

You can keep watching the box and reality tv but the reality is, you’ve got potential.