If you want to be successful, you must have this essential trait…

If you or someone else has been keeping busy talking about success and how they’re GONNA achieve it and continue to do that for a long period of time then they lack the most important trait for success. What is that trait?

The powerful trait is ‘Hustler’. I define HUSTLE as maximising every second of the day to ethically doing whatever it takes to achieving your goals. Do you have this personality? This character trait? Look, success is a broad term and is always paired up with business, occupation, exercise and/or finances so if you’re someone who dreams about being successful in whatever thing you choose to do, you won’t be able to achieve it without having the power of the hustle.

How Grant found his groove

I had made a few major life decisions a few years ago and they were shitball defied logic (if that makes sense). But although my investments in business and finance were a tad bit risky, I took the opportunity anyway. I basically dove into a situation where I will be challenged and definitely be backed against the wall – my friends and some family advised to delay these decisions but I embrace opportunities and challenges and I committed.

A million things happened straight after, meetings upon meetings, bills upon bills and bad times upon stressful times. Boy oh boy, it really felt like I was a boxer trapped in the corner of the ring and getting repeatedly pummelled with no reprieve.

It was a dark time. I still shudder when I think back about it. I remember just sitting in my car and feeling awfully flat. People know me as always being enthusiastic but I was putting up a show. What was I to do? My parents never gave up when they left war torn Vietnam looking for FREEDOM. C’mon. This isn’t life or death situation is it? Can things be that bad? Yes. Do I give up? F*ck no. I’m not built for this whinging shit.

I could either choose to feed the black burden monster who was sitting on my shoulders weighing me down by continuing to apply more attention to it OR, refuse to and direct my attention to what the hell I could do about it. I got myself here, I have to dig myself out. Only I can do what I want to do. I simply changed the wording of my thoughts from ‘I can’t….’ to ‘How can I…?’

Fight or Flight kicked in. I unleashed my inner groove/my Hustle and Grinder personality with the help of Mr Grant Cardone, Mr Tony Robbins and Mr Gary Vee who helped me open my eyes wider when it came to success in business. TO be successful you must HUSTLE, yes. But it’s all about how good you are with coping and dealing with any situation. That’s how you will be remembered for.

Dragonball Z’s Vegeta – RAGE!

BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. I powered back and I ‘jabbed jabbed, right hooked’ the black burden monster in the left and then the right cheek. He crumbled. The sheer force of my FIGHT systems knocked him out cold. I RAGED AND CHARGED UP and I defeated my negative voices and my problems. Each jab and each hook was a phone call or a visit to a potential referrer or a potential joint venture. I kept attacking my problems by hustling. I did whatever it took to win. I pushed myself. I challenged myself and forced myself to step out of my safety zone to put myself out vulnerable to a potential client. It was worth it. I made videos, I wrote blogs, I did public speaking, I networked and best of all, I wrote for physical media such as newspapers and magazine articles. I wanted to be everywhere. Uncle G (Grant Cardone) preaches that if you must dominate your niche by being OMNIPRESENT. Be absolutely everywhere. I wanted to be the first and only name people thought of when it came to health, marketing and small business.


You see its easy to say that you hustle and grind. But a hustler absolutely cannot be a hustler from no motivation nor drive. You must have some incredible powerful need to achieve this objective and you’ll automatically do whatever it takes. For me, nowadays with my wife and daughter, my business, my investments, it’s all about ‘Bulletproofing my lifestyle’. Bulletproofing my lifestyle means that I’m always able to sustain my lifestyle and to have the ability to choose to do whatever the hell I wanted.

My hustle.


How you can find your HUSTLE MUSCLE

Thank you for reading my story. I never want to ever go back there ever again. However, I sometimes revisit these memories to not pain me, but to absolutely freaking drive me for greatness. So I can fight for my right to financial freedom and to open up my life to choices. How can you find yours? Ask yourself these 3 questions. Please actively write them down on paper or your hand, even your forehead! (I kid!).

  1. DIRECTION – What do you really want?
  2. STRATEGY & ANTICIPATION – What do I need to do to achieve this goal?
  3. REWARD – Describe what it would be like to achieve what you want



I made a DOMINATE 2017 GOAL PLANNER. It’s free. There’s absolutely no catch. I want you to achieve the greatest levels of success. Because you deserve too. Everyone does. You just don’t know it yet. Download it and let the planner help you run your hustle!

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