A powerful lesson I learnt as a kid.

This is one lesson I learnt as a young teenager which has helped shape me to who and where I am today. By applying this principle, it has helped me shut out the haters and the naysayers in my social circle and allowed me to remain focused on what I want to do in my life and how I want to. It’s about a ship.

You are a ship. Yep I said it.

We should all understand that our bodies are a vessel. Our minds and heart are out fuel for our vessel to keep moving and to take action. So with this mind, I like to think I am a ship. Ships are powerful, useful and the inner workings make it complicated. Ships aren’t like a car which is simply accelerate, steer and brake. Ships are much more than that, kinda explains me hey?! Ships have to deal with winds, currents and storms. Much like myself and you too. We have to deal with the external conditions which make our journey difficult. But if the ship can power through a storm or bad conditions and emerge with it’s precious cargo (people, stock etc..) intact then it has successfully reached our destination. Right? Sounds like you and me in our pursuit of happiness, right?


The lesson I learnt way back was that I wasn’t a ship. I just realised metaphorically I was a ship recently. But the lesson was :

‘Ships don’t sink because of the water around them. Ships sink because of the water that comes inside it’

Isn’t that priceless?! What a great lesson. It’s so true. We as the ‘ship’ don’t ‘sink’ because of the people around us but we can ‘sink’ because we let the actions and words of others get to us, into our minds. We don’t really sink but rather we become disrupted from our journey, we become upset, frustrated and fearful which of course will interfere in our journey to our destination.

Do whatever it takes to get to your destination

So the lesson here is to impenetrable. Be solid, be headstrong and to stay on your course. Do not let anyone fill your head with fear, doubt and disbelief. I’m not saying to ignore your family or your friends, it’s okay to hear them out, acknowledge what they’re saying and make sure you maintain your ship’s impenetrable exterior. Also be sure not to convince them of your mission, your goals and dreams. They won’t be convinced and neither should you! Agree to succeed in silence. Your loved ones care about you and they may always try to hold you back and protect you from things and experiences they haven’t gone through before.

Do not let the water inside your ship. Stay strong, stay impenetrable

That’s why is it solely up to YOU, to convince them that IT CAN BE DONE. This also goes to the people who want to see you fail. To simply this, I want you to consider there’s two types of people, some who love you and want to shield you from ‘failure’ or harm and then there’s people who hate and envy you and want to see you fail miserably to satisfy their ego. Beat both. The only way to show them is not by talking, talking and talking. It is by showing.

Demonstrate your success by steering your ship to your destination. You may experience rough seas and bad conditions but that’s what makes your Voyage great. Keep your head and heart unsinkable and impenetrable.