I was born in Sydney, Australia to parents who had just a few years earlier fled their homeland of war-torn communist Vietnam. I grew up in Western Sydney in areas such as Bankstown, Punchbowl and Cabramatta.

In my years of schooling, I’ve always loved when I was needed or when I was helping a teacher or a school mate maybe its because being the middle child (I was squished between an older brother, younger sister) I felt a major need to constantly prove myself and when I was called upon for support, I was there in a flash.

My parents worked hard in laborious and shift jobs and because of that we lived on each cent. I felt like royalty when we ordered pizza, went to a movie at the local cinema or even when I was able to pick my ice-cream from the local milkbar (or convenience store)

Fast track years later and I’ve started two businesses and I live with my wife and 2 year old daughter in Sydney.


I don’t quit. I’m stubborn. (hmm…i guess why family arguments didn’t go so well!)

My Health

During my high school days, I went through illness (I won’t declare what I suffered from, but as my profile and ‘voice’ reaches masses of people I can then improve awareness of it) which damaged me physically, socially and mentally. My self image and confidence was gone. I hated myself. I will say this and very little people know but I was ready to ‘end it all’. I felt horrible, sick to the stomach. Thankfully, I had the ultimate support from my family and my girlfriend (I just had to make her my wife =)) who helped me push through.

My Career

Since the age of 15, I’ve always wanted to become a Podiatrist. I was inspired by a local Podiatrist who was happy to take me on as an observer in his clinic. Truly life-changing. I still blame him for the success he lead me to! However the road to become a Podiatrist was atrocious!

The university that offered Podiatry in Sydney had suspended the course due to lack of numbers, so I was left with a choice; do I move to a country town which would’ve taken me more than 5-6 hours to drive and leave my loved ones? No I wasn’t ready for the change. So I stuck it out studying other rehab courses which really help shape my ‘never say die’ attitude.

Two years later, my dream profession had opened its training at the University of Newcastle at the Ourimbah branch. Boy oh boy was I so happy to be a founding student. It was a three year HIGH INTENSIVE course, uni holidays were spent doing placement practicals. The students that graduated with me were very little after the three years. But I did it!


I’ve been a Podiatrist and business owner for almost seven years. I love helping people deal with their foot and lower limb problems as well as educated my clients to perform better in their daily lives. But I was frustrated that my values and ideals hadn’t reached the wider population yet and I hated being ‘oppressed’ by governing health bodies, associations (I know I know, it keeps all of us fair), the politics, health insurers and medicos. I’M TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE MAN! I DID NOT WANT TO BE HELD BACK.

I had been pondering how I can spread my message and my ideals to my clients and with hopes to a global audience. A LIGHTBULB sprung on! Using social media! Duh. I’ve always been on the usual Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. I could keep bitching and whinging about being ‘held back’ by my profession, instead I declared that IT WAS MY FAULT for where I am. With this clear declaration in mind, I went forth and added Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube, I need to be in the presence of billions of people.


I’ve always had the Entrepreneurial mind but I wasn’t at the stage of what other pages were promoting about their Ferraris and private jets. Don’t get me wrong, Podiatry pays well and opulent lifestyle was a phase however I put myself in front of YOU with no fancy supercar, no fancy jet, boat or 7 figure companies.

I don’t have them now. But I will. I want you to join me on my journey, see what I go through and I hope I can inspire you to achieve your greatness as you watch me go for mine.

I’ve taken the first step. The second should be easy right?

Dominate Life